Friday, June 8, 2012

Let the Decluttering Commence

I'm getting rid of a few things.
Erhm. Quite a few things, actually.
Most of them are going straight to Sally Ann.
The bigger items I'm selling. For $20 each.
100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Last Door. So don't dicker with the price... it's going toward a good cause :)

If you want any of these items, let me know.
Oak "Ice Chest" Bedside/End Table

Ikea Shelving Unit

Wicker Shelves

Folk Art Painted Pine Storage Box

Lid of Folk Art Painted Box
Folk Art Pained Toy Box
Lid of Box

$20 each.

Three FIVE things I'm thankful for:

1. Happy surprises.
2. Clint and Max came by to help me load up my newly delivered storage pod. (Best invention ever.)
3. Drew is GRADUATING tomorrow. I'm done! (I know this is not all about me, but, from my point of view, I'M DONE. No more bagged lunches. No more emails from teachers. No more wishing someone would study. Or do homework. No more yelling matches in the morning re: getting up. Yay. Oh YAY.
4. Little baggies of pennies that friends keep handing me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
5. Memories. And Dreams.


Jessica asked for prayer as she has a CAT scan. She's hoping for an 'ALL CLEAR' outcome.

Dad is learning how to scootch himself around in his wheelchair. It was hard to understand him though - his speech is more slurred lately. And he's been bouncing back and forth between English and German.

1. Yay! Made some ham and cauliflower soup (and I threw in pea pods and carrots) so YES. I had vegies today.
2. Today's FUN thing? Tea n talk with friends (again).
3. Today we're praying for Guam and Guadeloupe.
4. 'Conquer Clutter' Categories today? CLOTHES. Specifically Clint's clothes. The ones left behind in his closet. Yay. All dealt with.
5. Still haven't chosen a difficult book to read. Maybe this weekend I'll have time to ponder this.
6. I didn't learn a new thing. Sad face.
7. Hahaha. This whole blog post is passive income.
8. I have not played Wheel of Fortune for 4 days. It's killing me. It's my attempt at eliminating a low-priority activity.
9. Hmm. Twenty minutes of exercise? Packing boxes (20 of them) for a few hours? Does that count?

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