Thursday, June 14, 2012

JR is on TV again. And I'm living in my parent's house again.

Some things never change.

So. Two things:

1. I had to go back to the house today; (after my stops at ICBC, Autoplan, the bank, and the post office) and I was just a little nervous. So I prayed, "Dear God, I'm going back inside this afternoon. I'm a teensy bit scared. Not a lot, just a bit. Could you come with me? And, like, keep me safe? And give me a spoonful of peace? Amen. "
 And NO LIE, my phone rang 2 minutes later. It was my brother. "Did I just pass you?"
Me: I don't know.
Him: Are you in a little car?
Me: I'm driving mom's car.
Jim: You in Murrayville?
Me: Yeah. Going to cancel my truck insurance, then going to the bank. Why?
Him/Jim: I'm stopping in at your place in 10 minutes, can you meet me there?

And just like that, I wasn't worried about going into my house.
God used Jim as an answer to prayer.

2. If you're my facebook friend, you'll already know about this, so you can hop on down to the three FIVE things I'm thankful for. If you're not on facebook (Karm, Carolyn, September, Sherry, I'm looking at you. And you. And you and you and you) I am writing this 'feel good' story out just for you all. You are welcome.

Remember the chipped tooth saga from last Friday afternoon?
OK, so today was my appointment to get it fixed.
Remember that job I had but don't any more? Well, I lost my dental coverage along with that regular paycheck.
So when I sat in the chair, and after Dr. Lee took a peak at what he was fixing, I said, "I'm paying for this one. I lost my job last month so I don't have coverage. Keep that in mind when deciding just how fancy this repair job is going to be... I'm happy with a Chevy filling; I don't need the Cadillac version."
(SPEAKING of Cadillacs, and this has nothing to do with the story, but if I don't tell you now, I won't remember to do so later. So the HUGE house across the street? Four guys live there. Youngish guys. Maybe mid-twenties. I don't know. {I thought the lady behind me in the lineup at Costco yesterday was roughly the same age as me, give or take 5 years. She told me she was 69.} So what for do I know about guessing ages. ANYWAYS, know what these boys drive? Two drive HUMMERS. (The big ones.) One drives a Lincoln Navigator. And the other one drives a Cadillac Escalade. Hildegarde (mom's friend) who was over tonight (along with Donna, and Art and Anne. It's a party everynight at this house I tell you. The mean average age is 63) suggested that I walk on over there and find out if they need an administrative assistant.)

So back to the dentist.
While my mouth was in the process of freezing, Carol (Dr. Lee's assistant who has sat in that chair by my side since I was 16) said, "Wow, what a run of bad luck. Chipped tooth AND you lost your job! You poor thing."
"Well, actually ..." and I proceeded to tell her the whole story. But I won't write it all out again, because ALL of you and your mothers have been reading this week. (My hit counter indicates to me that my readership has tripled since last Friday. Everyone loves a good sob story. :)  )

She was appropriately aghast. And then proceeded to (accidently) shove that rubber dam arm frame up my left nostril, ticking my forehead from the inside. That was a new experience for me. And not altogether pleasant. The clamp they attached to A-6 (a tooth farther back in my unnaturally, freakishly small mouth) hurt like the dickens too. And, despite all the freezing they put in, I jumped and twitched and thrashed and cringed when he hit a nerve while drilling. "Did you feel that?" he asked.
"Ahhhhhh." I responded.
He tried again, just for shitandgiggles.
I responded in much the same way.
"I think we need to give her more," he concluded.

I have had hundreds and hundreds of dentist appointments in my life. I often am so relaxed I am afraid of falling asleep. (Hello? Yes afraid. Snoring would be inevitable.)  But THIS appointment? Was the worst I can ever remember. I rarely feel pain. I've never had the dam's metal frame shoved up my nose before. And the pinching from the clamp was overwhelming.)

When they were all done, he asked me to bite.
My mouth forgot how to move. It was paralyzed. He touched my jaw.
"Can you bite?"
I shook my head. Shrugged my shoulders. They manually opened my mouth for me and looked inside again.
"Try again."
I try to fight gravity and pull my lower jaw upwards.
"Yeah, that's it. Try again."
I reach up and massage my cheeks on both sides. They are aching something fierce. And then I it all comes back to me. My mouth knows how to do this... I bite.
I do it over and over. I am a pro at this. Yay. Give me a medal.

He brings me a mirror to so I can smile at myself.
Yup. The chippedness is missing. He has reshaped it, it doesn't look anything like it used to, but it's great. I am whole again. He did a good job.

He walks me out to the reception area that is empty. It's 6:30 pm (he's stayed late for me. Everyone except Carol left at 5:30 pm). I put my big red purse (which I got TWO more compliments on yesterday, by the way. If you're keeping track, and why would you? I'm up to 1372 positive comments on my shiny red bag. Do people talk about your accessories that much? Seriously. It's crazy. Denise gave me that purse two, maybe three years ago for my birthday and it gets So Much attention. I use it as a camouflage. No one notices my stomach, they are all overcome with admiration for my purse. There you go, a fashion tip for you. If you want to hid an unflattering body part, buy a big, red, shiny, purse. Fill it with everything in your house that's important to you (all official documents, (because you're a little punchy and don't trust anyplace but your purse), your camera and all it's accessories, three wallets, all your make up, three sets of keys, (your own set, your mom's set AND your dad's set) 3 coil bound notebooks (because you've got important notes in them all) and some snacks. The bulges and weight add to it's 'notice-me!' value. Trust me you will have more conversations about your purse than you do about eternal life.

... so I put my big red purse on the counter and pull out my wallet.
"You don't have coverage right now?" he confirms.
"Nope. So I'm putting this on Visa. Should I leave my number with you, or do you want me to call it in tomorrow?" I have my credit card in my hand.
"Let's call this a gift, you've had a rough week."
"Oh, no! I can totally pay for a filling," I assure him. "Really, it's no problem."
"It's been my pleasure to look after you," he said. "Please let me do this for you."
And then, remembering what my good friend, Maxine taught me about being a gracious receiver of gifts, I started to cry and gave him a hug. He totally hugged me back and rubbed my shoulders and said, "are you going to be OK to drive?"

You guys.
There are so many good people out there.

Like you. YOU are a good person. And you. And you. You all totally know the power of kindness and compassion. You get how life-giving it is to have someone come alongside you when things are going sideways. You know the power of a hug, a prayer, an email message, a flower, a poke, a gift, a changed lock, a disabled garage door opener, a free filling.

You get that everyone is dealing with some unseen battle. And you extend grace. I love that about us. The grace and patience we extend to each other. I've been on the receiving end alot this week, and I am humbled and grateful.

Three FIVE things I'm thankful for:

1. Glen, Sharon, Bert, Elsie, Vic, Mary, Art, Anne, Hildegarde and Donna all have helped out mom and Jule by visiting with dad this week while I deal with the fallout from my Weekend from Hell. Thank you, thank you, thank you - for popping in on him. If he asks you for a knife, it's because he wants to cut his seatbelt. Don't give him one.

2. My settlement with ICBC. Whoa. So quick. Deposited the cheque this afternoon. It was for $700 less than what I paid for the truck two years ago. I? Am a boss at negotiating. (This is what they offered. I said yes.) Boo Yeah.

3. Sherry is sharing her vehicles with Drew so that he can get to & from work 'n school this week while I'm in Surrey looking after the legalities of having items stolen from our home and lit on fire.

4. Freezing. Best invention ever. Can you imagine getting work done with out it. I can not.

5. Aero Bubbles.


Please pray, if you feel led, for:
1. The boys who broke into my house. Heh heh heh. Little did they know that by breaking into my house, they were going to end up having a couple moms praying for them. AND CHANGING THEIR LIVES FOREVER. Pray that God's will be done in their lives. He has a plan for them ... pray that His purposes are accomplished and that He would be given the glory for the great things He has done.

2. Those same boys' moms (and dads). They are struggling with rebellious children. Pray that they would be given wisdom and courage. And that they would be offered assistance and hope. And that their lives would change for the better as a result of the prayers we are praying for their kids. That whole ripple effect is a beautiful thing.

3. Pray that my dad would experience peace. And that he wouldn't be so sad when my mom leaves.

Thanks friends.

Oh. By the way. I'm still collecting pennies (and other coins) for the Last Door. If you have a baggie of change for me, I'll forward it at the end of the month. And? My insurance is covering the money that was previously donated and stolen. Yay for insurance.

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