Monday, June 11, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New

Looks like my truck will probably be written off. I'm OK with that. NO IDEA what I should get next though. In the meantime, I'll be driving my dad's truck.

DEFINITELY will be selling my house. ASAP. Haven't found a new place yet though. In the meantime, I'll stay at my mom's. And maybe the lake. And maybe with friends. Life could be one long pajama party if I play my cards right.

The contract on my cell phone is FINALLY over, so I will be getting an iphone and a new number. I will have the internet IN MY HAND like all the cool kids. This will be transformative.

I applied for (un)employment insurance to tide me over til I land a new job. I have some breathing room now.


I've had three separate friends email me with their thoughts regarding this weekend. It seems unanimous.
There sure seems to be a message to move out and past your old way of life. this is a way of marking an ending and clearing the way for a whole new beginning.

i feel that God is preparing you.... probably for leaving your house, your past, and focusing your eyes on the here and now. don't know why.... just felt that as i was praying for you.

after I heard, about the car, I  prayed for you. I was reminded of what was stolen, and wondered what God was up to, and prayed some more.It seems you are being stripped of all things that are keeping you connected to your past...

God is preparing me for the next phase of my life.
I hope it doesn't involve India.


Now that I've said it, it probably will.


Three FIVE things I'm thankful for:
1. Talked to my insurance adjuster just now. She told me to go buy a new laptop. Today. YAY.
2. My boys, who formed a posse and were lying in wait at my house all night, did not have to use the African Machetes to defend my honor. Thank you Jesus.
3. I am a little bit excited to see what God has in store next.
4. While I sit here, typing this, I have the best view in the whole entire world. My mom has a lovely deck. And God has provided sunshine.
5. Maybe a chipped front tooth gives my face more character. Like the wrinkles and acne scars aren't enough.


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