Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Grab yer fancy schmancy phone (the one with the camera) and take pics of:
1. Your hands, with rings on them.
2. Your jewelry box. Or drawer. Or cupboard.
3. Your laptop. Your computer. Your TV. Your gaming system.

1. Go find your home insurance policy and read the fine print. Do you have enough coverage if your jewelry box gets stolen? (Do you have coverage if racoons put a hole in your roof?)
2. Look over your auto insurance. Are you adequately covered if some yahoos steal your vehicle?
3. BACK UP your files. Start first thing Saturday morning. If you don't know what this means, ask your kids. Go buy an external harddrive. DO IT.

1. Look at your life. If you lost your job, your car, your house, your identity ... where would you turn?
2. Do you have a support system in place? Who would you call first? Second? Third? Are YOU someone's first, second or third call if their world crumbles?
3. If your phone and laptop are both stolen, do you have important phone numbers/contact info memorized or written down somewhere?
4. Have you photocopied the contents of your wallet? (Credit cards, Care cards, etc.) Put that piece of paper into an empty ice cream container in your freezer. Or some other clever spot.

1. Consider eternity.
2. Ask God if He's real. Expect a personal answer.
3. Start forgiving and extending grace, regardless.

Three FIVE Things I'm Thankful For:

1. The most boring day ever. Absolutely nothing exciting happened. YAWN.

2. The emails and messages I've been receiving all day. I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude for the prayers being said for me and my boys. This 'bad thing that happened' didn't just happen to me - Drew's world was invaded too. His sense of security was rocked as well. When they broke into my house, they broke into HIS house too... (And it didn't help that he witnessed me crumble in an Oscar winning performance on Sunday afternoon.) Holy Cow. Someone should have video taped that melt-down. It could be used in Drama Classes to illustrate how a woman cries when she's scared out of her gourd. (I think I scared Clint and Max too, cuz they came running from all corners of the lower mainland to help me get a grip.) Truly. I am awesome at being  Woman, Wailing In Despair.

3. I DID have enough insurance coverage. Everything's good.

4. Every single person I talked to today (ICBC, Sargents, Constables, Claims Adjusters,) was patient, sensitive and helpful.

5. With Drew needing to be in Langley because of school and work, I am SO thankful for the family and friends who are letting him crash at their places this week.

Prayer Requests:

1. For Jessica's continued healing at home.

2. For courage as I need to go back, clean up my house and get the final boxes packed so that it's ready for showings. Pray that it would sell quickly (?).

3. For Max, as he has another job offer which requires him to be in Richmond from 7 am - 3:30 pm and then in Aldergrove in the evenings, while still living in New West. This will be short term, but it will involve alot of driving and a break from his usual routine.

4. Please continue to pray for the guys who broke into my house. They need brains. And help to get clean. Pray that they are caught, that justice is served, and that the sentence they have involves time in a rehab facility. Pray that their moms would be once again be able to be proud of their boys. Pray that their break-in at my place is the last one they do. Pray that God would be working in their lives even now, preparing them for their life changing moment that is just around the corner.

5. Please keep praying for my dad and the caregivers who are looking after him. There is a mass exodus happening right now at the Lodge. Workers do not like the new management system and are leaving as soon as they secure new positions elsewhere. This disruption is confusing to dad as he is just starting to trust the gals he sees every day. Today, when he found out Harpeet is leaving, he told her, "Sad. Like a daughter, me."


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