Friday, July 20, 2012


1. I am hoping, that sometime in the next decade, getting married in a church will become popular again. I can't imagine the tension/anxiety in the parents-of-the-bride-and-groom's lives, watching the weather and praying for a non-rainy day (here on the coast where it rains at least 225 days each year) for their child's wedding.

2. Clint and Max went to see Batman yesterday at 12:01 am, and then Clint ended up coming here for night. I woke up this morning, happy. I don't even mind that it's raining today. But my mind keeps wandering over to those moms in Colorado who's kids went to see Batman and didn't come home afterwards. I ache for them even though they're strangers. "Please God, comfort them. Use that horrific situation for Your purposes, Your glory. Redeem that nightmare."

3. This is called a "bloom"; 60,000 of them will be scattered all across London during the games...

BLOOM is an urban toy, a distributed social game and collective “gardening” experience that seeks the engagement of people in order to construct fuzzy BLOOM formations. None of the pieces can do anything on its own, only by putting together thousands of them is when the game and the BLOOM garden emerge.

Check put the website here

This is what folks can do with their blooms:

Interesting, no?
Just one more reason to be anchored to the television at the end of July. I wonder if any Bloom formations will make the news...

4. I HAVE FOUND IT! I am going to copy this blogger's way of organizing her photos. LOVE, love, LoVe it. Brilliant. Thank you pinterest.

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