Friday, July 20, 2012

Nude Dreams. New Dreamz.

They both sound the same.

Jus sayin'


Three FIVE things I'm thankful for:
1. Only 1 - 200 more decisions to make. It's EXHAUSTING. There are so many options. To weigh each one carefully, and predict the short and long term ramifications of each pathway, takes friggen forever. Thankful for the peace I feel regarding the ones I've already made. Thankful for my mom who listens to me list the pros and cons of everything.

2. Thankful that Drew popped in today for some fresh clothes. Five minutes is better than no minutes... and I'll take what I can get. I may have hugged him for two seconds longer than he was comfortable with.

3. Thankful for my mom's deck... the most peaceful place on earth.

4. Thankful for Patricia's deck - it was like eating in Greece. Not that I've ever eaten in Greece, but she has. And I believe her when she says "this is how they serve salad in Greece".

Thankful for friendship. And transparency. And tears. And faith.. And prayers. And courage to share. And knowing that someone's got yer back.
Thankful the opportunity to pray for friends and their families. What an honor.

5. And then, at 10 pm, I'm thankful that I could meet Clint at the Spaghetti Factory for another meal. Let there be no wondering as to why I am fat. I eat. Alot. (And then there was the bonus. Saw Max at 11 for five minutes before he and Clint went into the theatre to line up for Batman.)

THIS was a stellar day. Actually saw all of my kids. Sometimes that's all this mom needs. (Innnteresting. Blogger doesn't recognize 'mom' as a word. I should boycott.)


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