Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Walkin and Talkin

Maureen is thrilled  - she has lots of lots of extra hours (at work) this summer.
I am thrilled - I have NO hours (extra or otherwise) at work this summer.

We are at opposite ends of the employment spectrum and couldn't be happier.
Go figure.

Anyway, today we went for a walk at Steveston. Which was like going on a holiday to explore a new city for me. I've been to a few restaurants down that way, but have never walked along the shore. So. YAY for discovering a new beach walk. Pics below are from today's walkntalk...


Dear God,

Thanks for summer.
That was a good idea. Sunshine and oceans were great inventions too.

Thanks for this slow(ish) season for me. I am choosing to see it as a hand-picked gift from You.
There are moments, as you know, when I feel panicked about the future. But mostly (as You know) I have peace that things are going to work out exactly as You have ordained them to.

I know this story isn't about me, and it's a little bit scary, little bit exciting, watching things unfold and guess how I fit in to it all. No hurry. Take Your time getting all the pieces lined up. I'm happy to wander and wonder this summer.

God? My dad? What's the plan? Is there something we should be doing? He should be doing? Is this, like, a refining time for someone? Is it me? Are you using this situation for Your purposes? Are You being glorified at all?

Dad had a rough day. You know that. Is there something You can do to make this experience less frightening for him? It's heartbreaking to have him yell, "NO! Don't leave me here! Please take me with you!" as we leave. God? Can you fill him with peace? Can he feel settled? Can You do that? Or is there more that You want us to do?

Today he had chest pains... it's the first time in years that he's expressed physical discomfort. Is it his heart? Is my invincible dad nearing the end? Or is he mostly just sad and lonely?

God? This is so hard. I ache for him. I pray Your will be done, here on earth, (and especially at the Lodge) as it is in heaven.

Thank you, God, that each of my boys is working this summer. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I pray that You will accompany them every day, and use their work situation/experiences for Your divine purposes in their lives. I pray for their co-workers and bosses - that You would be at work in their lives as well.
I  pray that as they work, they would have an overwhelming sense of Your presence.

God? I lift up my kids and their friends to You. I pray that would feel loved and accepted. Penetrate their hearts with Your love right now and help them to fully understand how far-reaching and complete it is. Deliver them all from any lies that may have been planted in their minds that may cause them to doubt that. Manifest Your love to these young people in a real way TODAY and enable them to receive it.

With each day that they grow in confidence of being loved and accepted, release in them the capacity to easily communicate love to others. Enable them to reach out in love in a way that is appropriate and encouraging. Make them vessels through which Your love flows to others.

God? I pray that You would pour out Your spirit on us and anoint us to be all that You've called us to be and do. Deliver us from any evil plans designed to rob us of life or to steal away our uniqueness and giftedness, or compromise the path you've called us to walk, or to destroy the person You've created us to be.

May we not be followers of anyone but You, and may we lead people into Your kingdom.  Help us to grow into a complete understanding of our authority in Jesus, while retaining a  humble and submissive spirit.

May the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control) grow in us. May we find our identity in You, and view ourselves as Your instruments.

Give us visions for our lives when setting goals for the future and a sense of purpose about what You've called us to do. Help us to see ourselves as You do, from the future and not from our pasts.

May our commitment to being who You created us to be, enable us to grow daily in confidence and boldness.


Three FIVE things I'm thankful for:

1. Cool evening breezes.

2. Blue wild flowers.

3. Mango Ice Cream

4. Unexpected late night chat with Shannon in Ontario

5. Friends who pray along with me for my kids and my parents. I am blessed.


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