Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh dad.

My mom's facebook status this morning: 

Got a call from Kinsmen Lodge last night that Pete had been crying since I left at 5. They couldn't console him, he kept talking about dying. Shona the night nurse asked if I would talk to him. He yelled into the phone that he was alive and I tried to calm him down and encouraged him to go to sleep and I would see him tomorrow. I called later at around ten and Shona said he was fast asleep. I thought we had had a good day, he had The Schmidt's and The Giesbrechts visiting and they thought it was a good visit also. His thoughts of dying are more frequent and so I asked him the other day if he was afraid to die....and talked about Heaven to him. I'm not sure if really understands. Today I'll try to keep the conversation light when he goes there. I'm thankful for friends and family who are on this journey with me.

This just makes me sob.


Dear God,

Uhhh. Help.


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My Thots said...

Uh...what she said! Amen!