Thursday, August 30, 2012

Part Two. (In case you're interested.)

Eventually all the important details got dealt with, and we proceeded with the ceremony. Things that didn't get done (setting out aisle paper) didn't matter. 

Bride and her dad. Magical. Yes, there's a chandelier in the tree. 

It was a spectacularly lovely wedding. The setting was stunning - way WAY better than I imagined. The bride was happy; she never stopped smiling. And the groom? He was simply in love. It was wonderful to watch. 
To view the rest of the photo album, go here. (Or better yet - get on facebook already, and add me as your friend.)

Due to Lindell Beach's noise curfew, at 11 pm, the music ended and the beer stopped flowing.

At 11:15 we unplugged the tree, so that by 11:30, most everyone was gone. 

Arrangements were made for those who shouldn't/couldn't drive - including offering hospitality to four young adults who stayed with us at the cabin. 

Unfortunately, the DJ was a bit of a drunken mess, so after negotiating and cajoling, he finally agreed, at 12:30am to let Clint drive him and his equipment home. I followed in my truck, so as to give Clint a ride back to the cabin afterwards. Thank goodness he only lived an hour away.  

Clean up. Lasted all day. 
Seriously. If you bring all that stuff over, you're going to have to take it all back.

I didn't work outside at all. I did, like 100 loads of laundry. Almost all towels. I think we used up every towel we own, what with all that showering. And swimming. 

On Monday, the septic fixer guy showed up and exclaimed, "Your tanks are full again! I can't fix them until they're pumped out and empty."

So I called my man, Jake, who came back FOR A THIRD TIME to empty out our septic tanks. Most residents up there only need to pump out their tanks once every 18 months. Our usage was so great, we filled them IN ONE DAY. Boo yeah. That's what I'm talkin about. Go big or go home.

I came home late on Monday night to a house that was a mess. 
Drew had been by earlier to remove the fans from the basement. I did what I could to prepare my house for it's FIFTH showing to the folks who'd purchased my home. 

On Tuesday, Clint popped in to look at the crawlspace, and though it would be beneficial to have the fans circulating the air down there for one more day, so he took them back down again. (Those fans are big, yo? And cumbersome to move when you're standing upright. My crawlspace is only 3 feet high, so getting around, hauling huge fans is a chore.) He turned them on, and it sounded like an airplane was warming up it's engines under my house. We kept them on overnight, and Drew came by at 3 on Wednesday before work, and removed them. Again. 

At 5 pm, I was feeding my dad, when the purchasers, their realtor and their inspector came by to check on my roof, my attics, and my crawlspace. 

We, (my house and I) failed the inspection and the deal collapsed. 
I may have cried. 

I guess even bigger than having a deal fall apart, is having a crawlspace that sent warning flags to the inspector. Apparently I'm lucky the house hasn't collapsed ... rot, cracks, holes, gushing, seeping water etc. Now, this inspector is an alarmist, duh. He went bat-shit crazy over my brand new roof and certified-rodent-free attic - so who knows what I'm REALLY dealing with downstairs? 

I sure don't. 
I had another little cry; called my mom to whine (which really isn't fair to her as she's got her own problems...) and then played Words with Friends mindlessly for two hours. 

I am praying that this won't cost $70,000 to fix. Because, uh. I don't have that kind of money. I am praying that God's plan for me does not include a big fat bank loan. I'm praying that God will surprise me with an affordable solution. I'm praying that the knot behind my knee will dissipate. And the canker sore in my mouth will go away. And I'm praying that the lumpy gland on my jaw line will be gone by the morning. 

I'm praying that I'm learning whatever lesson I need to through all of this. 
I'm praying that I will chill out. 

I'm praying that I would be able to sleep in peace. And wake up with joy. 

I would love to be blown away by good news tomorrow.

Three FIVE things I'm thankful for:

1. My dad was so mellow this evening. After days and days of refusing to eat, he ATE. And, Oh My Goodness! He asked for water. That man has not drank water ever. In all the years I've known him, he has never had a glass of water. And today? He wanted water at lunch with Jule, and again at supper with me. 

2. While my dad and I were listening to some country music this evening, I put my hand on his chest and prayed that God would grant him a good night's sleep. I prayed for his care aides, and all his neighbours. When I was done, I said amen. He nodded and yelled AMEN! We listened to another song, and then he said to me, "If you want, you can pray for me again." Hahaha. So I did. And again he shouted AMEN. Such enthusiasm. Maybe if everyone was that excited when I prayed out loud, I'd do it more often... I'm looking at you, Arrow. :)

3. I'm thankful for my kids' help with the crawlspace. Both Clint and Drew hauled those fans around without complaining. I'm thankful that Jim has been available to help me with all my ongoing crisis's. I am a lucky woman.

4. I am thankful that Rose is back from Shuswap, that she was up late, that she read my status update, and that she told Wayne about it. I'm thankful that Wayne talked me through it, and offered to come take a look. I hit the jackpot in the friendship lottery - THAT'S for sure. :)

5. I am thankful that God is in charge of it all. I am hoping His purposes are being accomplished through these circumstances. 


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