Thursday, August 30, 2012

Does He Go To Church Without You?

That's my go-to question to Christian girls who are looking for someone to date/marry. Is he a Christian? Does he go to church just to be with you, or does he go, regardless of your attendance?
Another question? Does he have a loving, respectful relationship with his mom?

My last question?
Does he straddle different 'worlds'? (Think of George on Seinfeld.)

Does  he have a variety of friendship circles and is he a different person in each of those situations?

That's it. Those are my three questions girls should ask themselves before they proceed to hand over their hearts.

TURNS OUT - there are WAY more questions ...

This? Is a good article for all the single females in your life - pass it on: It Matters Who You Marry

  • Don’t sacrifice many good relationships for the sake of one guy who can’t value the people who love you.
  • Don’t marry someone whose leadership you can’t follow.
  •  Will he listen when you are struggling with something or will he be preoccupied with a video game? 
  • Is he going to value your opinions and listen to what you are thinking, or will he disregard your thoughts?

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Unknown said...

Those are very very good questions.