Friday, August 31, 2012

I am Going to Live in a Hotel ...

... because I clearly was not cut out for home ownership.

There should be stickers that someone sticks on your front window letting you know it's time for another oil-and-lube equivalent for your home. Apparently, there are things that need to be done regularly, just like one does with their automobile. For example, the pump and septic guys at the cabin both admonished me for not having things looked at ANNUALLY. "Every year you should get this system looked at. It needs to be cleaned and maintained."

I did not know this.

I also did not know, that as a homeowner, I am supposed to get my perimeter drains checked at least once a year. Or that I am supposed to do a visual inspection of both my crawlspace and attic TWICE A YEAR.

I am a negligent, undeserving, lazy, ill-informed homeowner. It is a miracle that my house is still standing.

It's been about 72 hours of men telling me that I have done things wrong. I think I've apologized for my ineptitude about 1000 times.

After last night's conversation with my realtor, who was just overflowing with all kinds of bad news, I was unable to sleep. Yeah, yeah, I prayed. And left it all in God's hands. But how does one do that? Really DO that? Because I can say it til I'm blue in the face, but my mind won't stop thinking. And the stress in my body won't stop bunching up. My leg is in constant throb mode. My canker sore just gets bigger and bigger... I think it's causing one of the glands under my chin to swell. Seriously - I am a mess.

I sent out an email to a couple of friends and family members asking them to pray with me, because, yesterday's outrageous estimate of $70,000 to fix my crawlspace was freaking me out. I figured that guy was a nut job, but still. His words, and both realtors acceptance of his opinion, put me in a position of having to defend myself and my house again.

It's exhausting to be the only one singing the happy house song in this home-inspection-choir made up of non-experts. Everywhere I turn, someone else, who is not qualified or certified,  is making suggestions on my tempo, chords, lyrics, volume, and harmonies.


So anyway, I talked to two contractors (as well as my brother) who all said It Is No Big Deal. (Thanks, Wayne, Glen and Jim)
And then I emailed the guy who inspected this house before I bought it seven years ago.
We emailed back and forth all day, and finally at 3 he said he was coming over. I had asked him what a crawlspace inspection cost, because no way were the three amigos (realtor 1, realtor 2, and their inspector) going to accept what my three contractors were saying.

He told me it was a gift; he sensed I needed a break, and he was happy to help me out. SERIOUSLY who does that? Just comes over, crawls around in my damp, dirty, cob-webbed crawlspace to help me, a total stranger out?

If you ever need a home inspection done - call this guy:

David Darby RHI
Red Flag Home Inspections Inc.
4843 216A Street
Langley, BC, V3A2N6
Phone: 604-532-3847
Fax: 604-532-3846


His report?
1. My crawlspace is FILTHY. I need to get someone down there with a shop vac to clean it up.
(Yay for sons. Max, my tallest, most long-legged boy, said he'd do this for me this weekend.)

2. The cracks and holes are from shrinkage. They have not compromised the structure or integrity of the foundation. They are normal and typical and No Big Deal. However, seeing I am dealing with crazies, he's suggesting I add a layer of skimcoat concrete for cosmetic reasons. This is doable. Anyone know anyone who can help me with this?

3. Uh, yeah, this is embarrassing. In addition to all those chippies which restricted the air flow and caused condensation, the dampness in the back corner was caused because a few weeks ago, when I was watering, and forgot to turn the hose off (it was mostly just a trickle), and the hose got a kink in it, the water backed up and spewed from the tap. Luckily there is a perimeter drain RIGHT THERE, so it could drain away. Unfortunately, that particular drain is blocked so the water didn't flow away from the house, but down into it.
Yeah, bad luck all around. And again, I am an unfit homeowner. So I'm getting that drain unblocked tomorrow by Mr. Rooter.

4. Lastly? That rotting wood? He said is 'may perhaps have some rot on the bottom', but no action is required. So none will be taken. It too? Is No Big Deal.

Am breathing again.

Three FIVE things I'm thankful for:

1. I am thankful that God hears my prayers. And answers them so completely. My crawlspace crisis will not cost $70,000 to fix. But the outcome of this week's fiasco is that the deal has collapsed. I'm so OK with that. For whatever reason, this sale was not meant to go through. And, I have complete and utter peace. It will sell in God's perfect time; my job is to be prepared. And if those purchasers change their mind and make another offer, I will deal with that if/when it happens. I am not worried.

2. I am thankful for my people. Friends. Family. I am alone an awful lot, but not really, you know?  I am reminded often that someone is praying for me. It is the best feeling ever:

What we do know for certain is that God LOVES YOU!  We also know that His ways are not our ways and that is good because His ways are always better.  -Sometimes hard to figure out, but still better.

I'm praying that God will take the place of a husband for you and provide you with peace and wisdom and understanding.  I'm praying that He will carry your load and work out the best possible solution regarding housing, job and family dynamics. 


Praying for you . You are loved, you are cherished, you are His .


3. I am thankful that my dad's meds - which we put him on EXACTLY ONE MONTH ago, when we had that first full moon in August, have kicked in and he is mellow, content, at peace, and delightful. No more ripping on that seatbelt. No more randomly removing clothing. No more anger. No more falling.

We're coming up on a blue moon tomorrow night (that rare occurrence when we experience two full moons in one month) and I can't help but remember exactly one month ago when we thought we were saying good bye to dad. He had stopped eating. Stopped taking meds. He was confused, angry and difficult. And choking. It was so very hard. And lookey now. This week has been much easier. Different. Weird. (He's started reading! And drinking water!) But good. Thank you God.

4. Thankful for my kids, and their willingness to help. They have all stepped up to the plate and been there for me. I? Am blessed.

5. Thankful that I haven't found a house I love yet, because then I'd just be frustrated.

6. This is going to seem silly but today was garbage pick up day and I had 11 containers out there. Two with garbage, two with various recyclables, 7 with green waste, including grapevine branches, jasmine ivy and food stuffs. AND THEY TOOK IT ALL. I have been a nervous wreck all summer about the new rules and the orange stickers and the green labels and the procedures and lids and the spacing and the odors. It's been hit and miss as to whether my cans get emptied. And today? Was a winner. Yay.

7. Clint has a pinterest account. Surprise him by following him. :)

8. The other day I was asked to do a photo shoot at Avalon... they had made some improvements to their landscaping and wanted me to capture it. I think I smiled the entire time I had my camera in my hand. It was so much fun.

9. I am thankful I have a camera. I am thankful that I have a laptop. I am thankful that God has made alot of pretty cool things for me to take pics of.

10. I am thankful that tonight is going to be better than last night. 


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Tricia said...

While I miss being able to do things to this house, I am enjoying renting because we don't have to be responsable for every thing that goes wrong. Squirrels in the attic, broken ac, yard maint. and pool maint....all taken care of by the landlord.