Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Orange You Glad?

An afternoon with my boy.

THIS boy:

It was his day off.
And it coincided with my day off. Oh wait. All my days are off.

Anywert, we spent the aft hanging out.
First we took his NEW ORANGE CAR over to Dave to get brakes installed.
Then we went to Costco to buy socks and an area rug.
We took the rug out to Cultus, then had sushi for dinner.

And it was awesome.

Things I'm just so very thankful for:

1. Best September weather EVER. Love, love, love this month.

2. Boys with orange cars, silver SUV's and blue pick ups.

3. Friends, who daily forward job opportunities my way.

4. New babies being born. The Klassen Clan expanded with the addition of ANOTHER MALE CHILD born this morning. Congrats Jason and Vanessa! Seth is perfect. He is already so loved.

5. Hope. I have it because I have faith in Him who knows me best.


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