Tuesday, September 18, 2012

They Kissed.

I wrote the title to this post on Friday night after I got home from Zanna, Don't - a musical I had seen that evening which was part of Vancouver's Fringe Festival.

I never got past typing "They Kissed" because I didn't even know how to blog about it:

"Zanna, Don't! takes place in a topsy turvy world in which homosexuality is the happy norm and then the unthinkable happens—a popular guy and a popular girl fall in love . . . with each other!"

I loved it.
I loved the music - I've been listening to it on youtube. I loved the acting. (Mom's best friend's granddaughter, Kenzie was in it. SHE WAS FABULOUS.) I love that it has me thinking. And, I love that they kissed. I am a sucker that way.


On Saturday, I went to church.
There are times when I wish there were church services everyday of the week.
Sometimes a person just needs to be surrounded by other Christians, you know?
There are periods when singing praise songs to God with hundreds (thousands?) of other like-minded folks is what a heart longs for, no?

Anyway, Saturday night was good.

Afterwards, I joined the celebration of Brian and Maxine's 25th Anniversary in their magical back yard:

And then I spent all day Sunday yachting with friends.
I live a rich, full life. I have been blessed a thousand times over.

And today?
For the first time since June 10?
I had friends in my living room.

This house has been too quiet...
Other than total strangers/would-be-purchasers coming through all summer - I've been here, mostly alone.

It felt SO stinkin good to have voices and laughter and conversation in this place again.

We talked, at length, about this book:

Which was inspiring on all sorts of levels.
But for me, the best part about Ravi's life story is that it was filled with hope. God is always working, even when you can't see or feel Him, He's there, in the shadows, going about His business.

We had a new member join us tonight; she didn't say much, but that's OK. It can be overwhelming you're brand new:

Meet Rosie.

She's Marj's grand-daughter. 

I? Will not be a young grandma. 

Three FIVE things I'm thankful for:

1. New babies. 
2. Music.
3. Friends.
4. Celebrations.
5. Life stories.


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Tricia said...

"I live a rich, full life. I have been blessed a thousand times over."
I think that about you whenever I read your blog.