Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Full Day

Up early (7:30 am) to get Max to the airport.
Then Shopping with the Stelts. ("We have AN HOUR! to kill... We have coupons! They're probably having a sale! We need to return the shorts! We need to buy more watches!) I sat at the front door of the store next to the check out tills with an old guy who was waiting for his wife.)

Then, while Ron and Rick golfed, I hung out with Sandra and Myrna at the RV Park's pool and read.
I finished another book, which I cannot recommend.

And then?
Get this:
When the guys finished golfing, they picked up some groceries, and MADE SUPPER. (I will post a pic of it when I figure out how to get it off my phone.) It was DElish.

Afterwards, I fifth wheeled it, joining both couples at the local movie theater to see ARGO. (We bought our passes at Costco first. CHEAP movie night.)

Fascinating story, I highly recommend it. Unless you find action/adventure films difficult to enjoy/unwind from. I may be staying with some people who needed ice cream and an hour of watching the poker championships on TV before they were calm downed enough to go to bed. :)

I can tell from facebook that Max made it home, safe and sound. Or something.

I miss my kids.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Facebook and the way it keeps me in touch.
2. Men who cook. Rick has prepared all our dinners so far. (With the exception of tonight, which Ron did.)
3. Inexpensive holidays.


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