Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 3 of this Impromptu Trip

It's senior's day at the Outlet Mall, and if you're 50, you're a senior.
"EXTRA 10% OFF, JANE!" Rick exclaims with a hint of crazy in his eyes.
I pass.

They leave first thing in the morning and return at 5, disappointed that they only 'did' half the stores. They have to go back, even if it isn't seniors day.
I will pass again.

I sat in the sun on a deck chair next to the pool and read. I've finished two books:

Insurgent is book 2 in the Divergent series and I'm totally sucked in.
Now I have to wait a whole year for the third and final book to get published.

And the other one?

Rhoda Janzen, of Mennonite in a Little Black Dress fame, ended up becoming a church-goer after her husband of 15 years left her/came out of the closet. Then she met a pentacostal and starting dating him and her world got rocked again. Her faith journey reminds me of Anne Lamot, if Anne were a backslidden Mennonite who rediscovered Jesus through a former alcoholic drug-dealer-turned spirit-filled Christ-follower. 

Max will be leaving tomorrow, (Wednesday) and I'll be alone down here with the Shopping Obsessed.
It's been awesome having him around - he reads as much as I do and neither of us get up at dawn. 

He's gone to three NA meetings and has observed the difference between meetings in New West and those in the desert. He's used to meeting shares being recovery-focused, whereas, here? Not so much. He has shared his story as well as some recovery principles that have made a difference in the community he is a part of to the folks here who are just starting their recovery journey.  I am terribly proud of him... 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Max. I love this kid. Even if he won't let me take his pic on this trip.
2. My mom. (Thanks, mom, for making it possible for Max to join me.)
3. Writers. Sunshine. Air travel. Internet connections. Sons. Friends. 


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