Monday, October 22, 2012

How It Came to Pass that I Ended Up In Palm Springs

It was Thursday afternoon; (POURING RAIN) I had just found out that I didn't get a job that I was a finalist for (I ended up being the first runner up) and I was on my way to visit my dad, when I got a phone call from Sandra. She and Rick had booked their 'free' (timeshare) week and ended up getting a two bedroom unit in Indio (outside of Palm Springs) and of course I should come.

Me: Of course I should not. I am still unemployed.

Her: You can apply for jobs online from Palm Springs as easily as you can from Langley.

Me: What if that other job calls me in for a second interview?

Her: Call them and find out.

Me: This just doesn't feel right.

Her: Your room has two twin beds. See if one of your kids wants to come.

Me: As if.

Her: TRY. See if Drew and Danica want to join us, that would be fun. One of them can sleep on the couch in the living room. The other one can share your room.

Me thinking to myself: What kind of friend is this? That she is willing to share her "Sandra + Rick" holiday with me and my kids? Whoa.

It didn't work for Drew and Danica.

Me: Yeah, it's too short notice for Drew and Danica to come. Thanks for the invite bu...

Her: Try Max.

Me: There is no way he'd come. Trust me.

Her: Try.

I send Max a text. He said yes.

Me: Are you sitting down? Max said yes.

Her: GREAT! How fun!

Me, again to myself: How did I get so lucky? To have a friend who is enthusiastically looking forward to sharing her vacation time with my boy. Thank you God.

So Friday morning, I arranged for airmiles (mine and my mom's) to pay for our flights.
And 24 hours later, we arrived.

And I? Am so thankful.


We went grocery shopping and bought food for the week. ($200 divided by 4 people = $50 per person for food.)

So far, this trip is affordable.
And laid back.
And sun-filled. (It was 100 degrees on Saturday. 89 degrees today.)
And perfect.

Max and I dropped Rick and Sandra off (they have friends down here) and we spent the evening at Barnes and Noble, then driving the strip. He and I don't have the same Palm Springs memories. But that's OK, we both have good ones.

Tonight? There are four of us sitting in the living room. Max is reading. Rick is doing Sukodu. Sandra is doing shopping research on her iPad. And I am playing Scrabble and Words With Friends. No one is talking. It is just so restful and easy and comfortable and probably boring but nice, you know?


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The opportunity to make a memory with Max.
2. The sun. Oh, yes. The sun.
3. The pool. I have spent a good portion of this trip up to my neck in water. And it has been GLORIOUS.


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