Thursday, October 4, 2012

About Jessica ...

Oh my goodness.

My uncle John (my dad's brother) (the bald one) sent me an email asking about Jessica. Wondering why I haven't blogged about her for awhile. How was she doing?

And I said to myself, "Jessica? Jessica who? What's he talking about?"
Jule reminded me, Jessica Funk.

For those of you not on facebook (again, WHY NOT?) here is the latest update, written by her mom and dad:

It's been a while since I've updated...we had a great day at Jessica's celebration on July 15th! The weather threatened rain all day and the sky's did open up for about 15 min just after we got started but everyone hung in there and the weather improved. A close friend of Jessica's will be compiling pictures and we hope to put together a short video and long video for everyone to view on youtube soon. 

Jessica was supposed to have surgery on her trachea last Tuesday but she got bumped for a cancer patient in critical condition. I remember the days that it was Jessica bumping people from set surgery or CT scans. I must say it is much nicer to be in a position to be bumped. Jessica's surgery has been re-scheduled for this Monday. Jessica's skin has attached to her trachea so Dr Bond will separate her skin from the trachea; she will have a plastic surgeon in the room as well to help with cosmetic issues.

Jessica continues to gain strength. We met with one of Jessica's ICU Doctors, who is also a Respirologist, about 4 weeks ago, Dr Webster. She will perform a lung test on Jessica near the end of September that will give us an idea of her progress. Dr Webster's preliminary analyst is that she should make a full recovery! We plan to have Jessica work with a trainer at a local gym starting the month of September to build her strength. Her progress is noticeable when measuring over weeks rather than by the day, sometimes we reflect on her first days at home in June and realize just how far she has come. Jessica was able to swim last week on her own, which she discovered after a friend pushed her into the deep end of the pool. She was fine once she realized that she could do it. A week later she gave surfing behind our boat a go and was able to do that for about 1 minute...she was pumped! (see attached pic).

We want to thank everyone for coming out to the Celebration. It was such a blessing to see the large turnout and for us to have a chance to thank everyone who has prayed and supported us. Our desire was to give glory to God for touching Jessica's lungs and showing us compassion! We had a wonderful evening and we continue to be amazed and overwhelmed with every one's continued support.

Love, Mark and Vickie

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