Sunday, October 7, 2012


I am thankful for many things. I'll be adding to this list all weekend:

1. For, like 60 days (maybe more) with (almost) no rain.
2. For leaves.

3. For a glorious weekend.
4. For two more job interviews.
5. For stars. Have you looked up recently?
6. For pizza.
7. For doodleart posters and brand new felt pens.

8. For long walks and deep talks.

9. For unexpected words of affirmation. (Thanks, Bev R)
10. For BBC productions.
11. For the smell of ham and scalloped potatoes cooking.
12. For the stunningly beautiful day where I could sit outside in shorts and a tank top and read on the deck.
13. For the son who is studying outside on the deck.

14. For this one.

15. And these two:

16. And my mom:

17. And I'm thankful for my dad, who apparently had a 'good' day. Thank you, God.
18. I'm thankful that each season has it's colors, and I love watching them arrive.
19. I'm thankful for old friends who shared their Thanksgiving meals with two women who were craving turkey.
20. And I'm thankful for my brother-in-law who is celebrating his birthday in Chicago with his two kids. Daryl? I'm proud of you for criss-crossing the continent picking up Mandi from Alberta and driving Zac to Toronto. And then back again. You are a great dad, a fabulous husband, and I'm so glad you're my bro-in-law.

21. I'm thankful for friends. 
22. And this season of waiting.
23. I'm thankful for Earl Grey tea with lots of sugar.
24. And for ice water.
25. And clean sheets.
26. And temperatures that hit the 20's during October.
27. And for speakers like Tony Campolo.

28. And sons who are gifted videographers, who show up to tape these things:

28. And friends who join you for a service in the park:

29. Trees and lakes and beaches and mountains

30. And that even though I got dreadfully sick after the ham dinner I made, no one else did. So yay for solo sickness. 

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