Saturday, October 27, 2012

Packing up

It took me about 23 seconds to repack the exact same stuff I brought with me a week ago.
My roommates? Have been at it for hours. Oh Rick and Sandra - I love listening to you natter as you squeeze your purchases into various pieces of carry-on luggage.

I have been a third wheel on their trip. And some days, those days that we hang out with Ron and Myrna, I'm a fifth wheel. I gotta say, every single person has appeared to be OK with that. At one point today, I suggested that I'd skip dinner at the Cheesecake Factory tonight, so that the four of them could hang out without me and Rick said, "No way. You're part of the group." Which was nice.

Sharing close accommodations with a married couple gave me a intimate glimpse into 'mature married life'. I never made it this far - the Stelts have celebrated 30 + years. I barely limped to the 15 year mark. Plus being in Palm Springs brings back a boatload of memories. Memories from being here as a teen, as a 20-something-year-old, as a newly married, as a young family, as a newly divorced, and with other moms and their teenaged kids. Every single memory is awesome. This town? Is my happy place.

And as I watched Ron and Myrna, and Rick and Sandra, I couldn't imagine myself in their situation. I don't know how to be married. Clearly I sucked at it as a young woman; and I don't think I'd be any better at is as a 50 year old.

I think I should try to find a job that allows me to work while sitting in a bathing suit next to a pool. Something internet based, maybe.
Wouldn't that be a life-giving job? Whoa.
I should check Craigslist to see how many options I have.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who share their lives with me.
2. Cheesecake Factory. Rocky Road Fudge Factory. Spaghetti Factory.
3. Listening to numerous overlapping conversations while reading at the pool. So many Canadians here. So many lives. And experiences. And relationships. And stories.
4. I am thankful that my mom and sister faithfully care for my dad.
5. I am thankful for air conditioning.
6. And ice cubes.


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