Tuesday, October 30, 2012


These be my peeps:

Seeing we had ham at Thanksgiving, we had turkey on Sunday. At my mom's house. Because it's, like, the halfway point for us to gather at. So good to be with my kids.

And these are also my people:

This is my cousin, Maria. ^ (She is married to my cousin, John, who is my dad's brother's son.) :)

John and Maria are in town (from Germany) to meet their sweet new grandson, Seth. (Their son, Jason and his wife, Vanessa, live in Greendale. Seth is their boy.)

This is 'the bald brother' ... He's 7 years older than my dad. He's smiling at his great grandson.

Uncle John. Cousin John. Baby Seth. And me in the mirror.

My aunt Mary with her great grandson:

Jason and his boy.

A Norman Rockwell moment, no?

John and Maria. His glasses are on his eyebrows on purpose.

Four generations of Klassen men:

Uncle John and his first-born son, John.
John and his first-born son, Jason.
Jason and his first-born son, Seth.

It was so good seeing them this evening.
I am definitely going to have to visit them in Germany.

One of these days.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Family. Close and extended. Near and far.
2. My camera.
3. Babies.


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