Tuesday, October 2, 2012

YAY! I didn't cry today,

Seriously, what an emotional weekend.
All those tears? Mostly embarrassing.
Thank goodness that's over.

So. A few things:

1. My niece, Sarah, recently launched a Children's E-Boutique, called Leuie.. Congrats, Sarah. Proud of you for following your dream. In Sarah's words:
Our plan began years and years ago, and came about because we believe it is important to nurture and envelope children's lives with love, dreams and imagination. Our search for items that encompassed such a spirit turned into a quest that brought us to develop a boutique that would fulfill the need and desire in Vancouver and across the globe. Items that are well considered and well made, that captured the beautiful spirit of children—their delight, surprise and exploratory nature.
 In turn, our company, Leuie, brings together an exclusive collection of carefully chosen pieces especially with children in mind; a wonderful selection of items for the home and everyday living—from beautifully crafted leisure wear made in Paris and well made indoor shoes from Denmark, to whimsical, handmade d├ęcor items, one-of-a-kind vintage gifts, and charming luggage made in Spain…
With inspired designs that combine traditional care and European craftsmanship of a bygone era with the needs of present day, you will find an array of items that are entirely new to the country, and in some cases, North America. Perfect for infants through to teen years, the designs are truly special and unique—complete with an abundance of charm, stories and fond memories at the heart.

Check out Leuie here.

2. I read this book last night. Instead of sleeping. Man I need a job.

I, uh, was too old to read it.
Charlie? Sounded like a 5 year old. Not someone entering high school. Unless boys entering high school typically sound like kindergarteners. OK. I should know this.

Nope, my boys did not sound like Charlie at age 15.

Also? If the events described in the book are 'normal' for grade 9 students to experience, God help us.  I KNOW it's a rough world out there, but wow. If this is normal ( suicide, molestation, domestic abuse, homosexuality, drug use, mental issues, first sexual experiences, rape, abortion ...) then us adults have failed. Miserably.

If this book is the Outsiders for this generation, I am sad for this generation. 

Interestingly, Rachel reviewed this book back in March of 2008 and gave it 5 caterpillars. (Out of a possible 10.) TWO YEARS LATER, a teacher in Jamestown, New York, told her class, who were studying this book in their Creative Writing course, to leave a comment on Raych's blog letting her know their thoughts. Teenagers? Love this book. Read her review and all the comments. 


3. So, September is over. And know what? Here in the greater Vancouver area? We've just lived through the DRIEST AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER ON RECORD.  Yeah we did. BOO YEAH Vancouver!


4. Remember that time, about three, maybe four years ago, that I flew to Moncton NB by myself for the weekend, and rented a car and went to PEI? It was in October and I was preparing for a 4 city,  cross-Canada tour with Arrow. One of our speakers at the seminars was Jim Yperen and this is one of his articles, recently posted on Arrow's leadership blog. The reason I'm posting it is because, surprisingly, it is totally relevant in my life right now. SEVEN STEPS FOR AUTHENTIC CONFESSION. 

This summer?

Three friends made a definite point of apologizing to me. Sincerely. 
It felt weird. I am not used to that level of transparency. Or that level of desire to clean something up.
I have the best friends, truly. 

The seven steps, in case you're too lazy to clink on the link?

1. Be personal: Address the person(s) that you have sinned against by name and in person. Never use email. Always meet in person.

2. Be specific and succinct. Name the sin exactly, in plain, unambiguous words. 

3. Be unconditional and comprehensive. Take full responsibility for your sin, regardless of what others have done. Never blame or accuse others.

4. Humbly ask to be forgiven. Express genuine remorse.

5. Commit to change. Commit to seeking help so that you never do it again.

6. Make appropriate restitution.

7. Seek full reconciliation.


5. Who knew? Apparently Johnny Cash was a list-maker, just like me. 
This list, written by Johnny was recently sold at an auction for $6250.00:


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Books, good weather, no tears.
2. Dinner with my mom at the Olive Garden. Yum.
3. Applied for two more jobs today. Hey, maybe working in the trucking or waste-water-management industries is where God can use me most. 


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