Thursday, November 22, 2012

Three Things

1. I am thankful that at the exact moment the sun peaked out from behind the clouds this afternoon, I had my camera handy. This time (as opposed to that time on the freeway, when I was travelling 120 kms in the fast lane and used my iPhone), this time, I pulled off to the side of the road, and used my real camera.

As much as I love taking photos of things the sun lights up, this scene would have been way, WAY better as a backdrop to kids playing tag in the foreground. Or Mr. Bresett whizzing by on his bike on his way home from school. (Which did happen. But I'd put my camera down at the exact moment he pedalled by.)

2. I am thankful for roses and I never thought I would ever say that because roses are not my favorite flower and I don't like growing them or looking at them EXCEPT. Except on Friday when I had 'an event' at my house and I thought some flowers would look nice on my dining room table, so in addition to buying some Creamo, I wandered over to the floral section at IGA. My limited choices were: every color of rose imaginable. Or Gerber daisies which I LOVE. There is absolutely no reasonable explanation as to why I picked up the roses. But I did.

And I love them.

3. I am thankful that my dad loves the Christmas lights on his windowsill. They bring him peace. At least I think they do. I am thankful he's still with us. Another one of his 'neighbours' passed away unexpectedly last night (I think that's 12 in his hallway alone) and I'm grieving for his wife. Like my mom, she was there EVERY DAY, all afternoon. She is soft-spoken, gentle, warm and never spoke a word of English. Their story is here.(Scroll down to Zora and Nasib Sekhon. Go on. Read it.)

4. And a bonus thankful item.
I have a bladder infection. First one this year.
When I had that cystophy done earlier this month, and given the green light of perfect bladder/kidney/etc health, the urologist predicted I'd get more infections. SHE WAS RIGHT!. So trusting me to recognize the symptons, she gave me a prescription with many refill options, so that I could bypass sitting in a clinic for hours in order to do The Peeing-In-A-Cup routine.
So very thankful that a pharmacy is two minutes from my house. And so thankful I had that slip of paper.

Haha. The pharmacist reads my prescription, checks my file, and says, 'right on schedule. You were dealing with this last year too. ON THE EXACT SAME DATE.

So there you have it.
November is not my friend.

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