Monday, January 14, 2013

One annnda Two ...

annnda Three Things I'm Thankful For:

1. There was just enough snow today to make my world look pretty. And low n behold, the usual rain did not follow right behind it. (But I seriously have to get mean about some child's engine in my garage. It's too cold to park on the driveway. I spend 10 minutes scraping ice off my windshield which is an activity I am not a fan of. ) And I'm thankful that I get to park in FOTF's underground parking lot.

2. I am a little bit obsessed with Robin Hood right now. So much fun. I'm now on Episode 7 - Season 2 of this:

Regular life (whatever the heck that is) will resume at the end of this series.Which, I predict will be sometime on Wednesday. Until then, carry on.

3. Let's see. What else am I thankful for?




Sorry. Robin and his lad, Alan are fighting on a plank over a boiling vat of pitch. I'm a little distracted. Hang on. I'll be right back.

Phew. Robin won.
That was touch and go.

Third thing that I'm thankful for:
3. I am thankful that I have mostly packed up Christmas. (Actually, it's all packed up. I just haven't put it away yet.) Baby steps. But I'm thankful that I had the energy never-the-less.

And I'm thankful for leftovers, heart-shaped candies, good books, my kids, cold, crisp days, well-lit rooms, beds with 6 pillows, good photos, true love, young love, tender love, old love, gentle love, warm hugs, kind words, earnest prayers, God's answers, and so on.


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