Sunday, January 13, 2013

Still Very Thankful -

... for these things:

1. Max's friends are celebrating clean time. On Saturday night, it was one of his best friends; two years clean. A great cake night at NA.

2. I was there. And I didn't cry. Not a drop. Not even when his mom shared. (The last NA meeting I was at (in November, also known as The Month I Sobbed) I had to leave half way through because I couldn't control the tears. I was A Mess.) But this time? I was a machine. Or a man. (Max kept checking my face after every emotional share.  I held it together. EVEN WHEN MAX SHARED AND PRESENTED THE CAKE.)

3. I'm thankful that my mom and Mandi were free and willing to play Dutch Blitz with me this weekend. I took third place gladly, to show my appreciation.

4. My dad. That man will never cease to amaze us. He was tired of waiting for a care aid to get him out of bed, so he did it himself. He somehow got out, walked across the room, and sat in one of the wicker chairs by the doorway. When his care aid got to his room, she said, "How the frick did you get over here? You can't walk!" I guess he can.

5. There has been no rain for 3 days. The last time we went rainless for a three day stretch was back in October. These blue skies? Have been good for my soul.

6. I made a list today. It had 24 items on it. TWENTY OF THOSE ITEMS NOW HAVE CHECK-MARKS NEXT TO THEM.

7. I slept for 7 uninterrupted hours last night. Then stayed in bed and dozed for another few. I'm hoping this is the start of something beautiful. (I haven't slept longer than 4 hours at a time since this whole job-anxiety-panic started.)

8. I'm thankful that my fridge doesn't smell anymore. Rotten vegies sure give off a foul odor, no?

9. I'm thankful for Hollywood (etc) and the way it provides me with entertainment. Saw Jack Reacher this weekend, and was entertained. That's all I ask for in a movie. It delivered.

10. I'm thankful for some answered prayers.


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