Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Three Things I'm Thankful For:

1. Unexpected midnight visit from Clint.
2. BBC's Robin Hood series on DVD (Seasons One and Two) on loan from Mandi.
3. Last minute dinner with my mom.
4. Finding out that Glenn had dinner and a visit with my dad. (I was on my way there, and realized I didn't have the energy to follow through. Plus - killer headache, day 30. So I left dad in God's hands and grabbed a quick bite with my mom.) Thanks, Glenn.
5. A good day at work.
6. Pink tulips
7. Work clothes on sale. Like, 40% off the lowest ticketed price. I now have another outfit to add to my rotation of two pairs of pants and four tops.
8. The President of Focus has worn jeans and runners to work three days in a row. Yay for a GREAT dress code.
9. I can't think of a ninth one.
10. I really wanted this list to have ten items. Now it does. Sort of.


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