Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hoping I Pass My Probation Period ...

... because I've started nesting. 
I'm slowly making my office, 'mine'.
Yesterday, I made the decision to toss out all files, dockets and print samples from 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.
They are gone.
Hope no one wanted them.

... and I'm also hoping I pass my probation period because, uh, like, I really love what I do.
Know what I did today?
(It's a personal best, for sure. And I'm wondering when I'll be able to beat it. Maybe in the fall ...)

Today I placed orders for 269,770 print pieces. Twelve different projects, being printed by 4 different printing organizations, for 3 different clients, with 3 different delivery dates to 7 different locations.

Boo Yeah.

... and I hope I pass my probation period because, I really like the people I work with. Seriously - BEST TEAM EVER.
Yes, they are all the same age as my kids.
Yes, they are all artsy and hip.
Yes, they will never be my BFF's.

But I have respect for the whole lot of them. Mad skills. Great work ethic. AND SO BLINKIN' supportive and encouraging all the time. Because of the project management software we're using, I get about 400 emails a day, (I get copied on all the chatter between all editors and designers on all projects). And it's unbelievable how kind everyone is to each other. "Awesome job, Erin. That looks great!" "Good eye, Todd." "Nice design, love the way you worked in the logo." etc. ALL DAY LONG I read affirmative and positive emails.

And, unexpectedly, I get random compliments sent my way too. This week, I was thanked at least half a dozen times by 'the kids' for, like, doing my job. Today? I got a nice instant message from the head designer telling me he thought I was doing a great job. I responded with a "pfffft." And he wrote back saying, "I really mean it. The position you have here at Focus is hard, and I think you're doing a great job. I don't say things unless I mean it. This isn't empty praise."
Which, uh. Well. That was awfully nice.
I don't remember telling any of my managers that they were doing a good job when I was in my 20's.

And that's what's funny/great.
That particular designer did my job for a few months. And went back to designing, BECAUSE THAT'S WHO HE IS.
This job that I do? Is not hard. Not one bit of it. (So far.) BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT I AM.

When you have a job that is a perfect fit with your gifts and strengths and experience, it's not hard at all.


I know that this younger generation is getting a bad rap for being, well, not us.
But I have complete confidence in them.
They're a good bunch.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends. Celebrated a 49th birthday tonight with some friends who are pretty important to me. I love who we are. I love how we care, share, laugh and get grossed out. I love that no topic is off limits. I love that we pray for each other. I love that I have been so blessed with incredible friendships.

2. Friends. Who have husbands who aren't around on Valentine's Day. Three of us went to see Safe Haven on Thursday night. Hahaha. I sat in between both of them in the theatre, and I had my shoulder and arm tugged on from both sides, at key points in the movie all evening long. And sometimes, they'd both lean in and whisper something to me, AGAIN AT THE SAME TIME. Twas, maybe, a bit distracting. And more touching than I'm used to.

3. Friends. Who share my love of Cultus. I'm at the lake. Got here at 1 am. It has been a long, very wonderful day. Which is exactly what the day before was. And the day before that. Hahaha. Back in November I never thought I'd feel light or joy or peace again. February is such an awesome month, no?

4.  Sons. Drew borrowed my Visa and took his truck to Sun Peaks. Clint borrowed my truck and took his Visa to Sun Peaks. It's their dad's birthday today, so they joined him for a weekend on the slopes. Max stayed behind; he volunteered tonight at that recovery home in Tsawwassen.

5. The sun shone today. Every day where the sun in shining is a good day, no?


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Tricia said...

I'm so happy that your job is a perfect fit for you!