Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Currently - February

Things I am:

Obsessing over,
Working on,
Thinking about,
Listening to,
Praying for,
Happy about,

Whoops. I forgot to do a January edition. Must've been busy. 

So far? I love February. Every single part of it. 

Things I am obsessing over:

1. The sewage treatment system at the lake. It's not working. And I NEED someone to repair it. And the fireplace up there doesn't work either. Grrrr.

2. OK. This is stupid, but you all know it anyways, so I might as well just record it here. I am obsessing over BBC productions lately. Robin Hood started it off, and North and South kept it going. Embarrassing really. 

I don't want to talk about it any more.

Things I am working on:

1. Sleeping more than 5 hours a night. I have not been successful. I go to bed at 1, fall asleep around 2 and wake up 'round 7. And I'm thrilled I get to sleep/doze for another hour before I get up. 

2. Learning how to use my new camera. 

No I'm not. 

I am lazy. 

The auto function works just fine.

Things I am thinking about:

1. When will I take vacation time? And where will I go?

2. My kids. All three boys are at a concert tonight in Vancouver. 

3. How much I love book club evenings.

4. How thankful I am to have my job.

Things I am anticipating:

1. Getting my hair cut and highlighted tomorrow. Why do I always wait so long between appointments?

2. A  tax refund. I hope.

3. Going for walks on my lunch hour. (Half hour.)

4. More good surprises from God.

5. Clint moving into a house, Max's two year cake, and Drew's new job. (No, he doesn't have one yet, but I am anticipating it.)

I am listening to:

1. The furnace.

I am eating:

1. Baked salmon

2. Rice

Book club was tonight and I didn't eat before they all arrived. Yes, I know. Eating a meal at 11 pm is all kinds of stupid. 

I am praying:

1. That Drew would get a job.

2. That I would pass my probation period and keep my job.

3. That Clint would finish this school year well. And that God would give him a vision for the following few months.

4. That Max's efforts on Friday nights' at the recovery house on Friday nights would be successful and fulfilling. That God would work through him in mighty ways. 

I am reading:

Not much. I'm more into watching DVD's these days. But I did go to the used book store on the weekend and picked up:

I am happy about:

Just about everything these days.

I am wishing:

That my dad would be filled with peace regarding his living environment. He seems hell-bent on going home.
That those folks who are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions would get help.
That those folks who are at the end of their ropes re: their marriages would call Focus on the Family and get some counselling.
That those folks who want more from life, have the courage to say to God -' OK, what do You have in mind? Lead me.'
That His will be done.


Three things I'm thankful for:

(Pics of the lake from this past weekend.)

1. A great weekend of hanging out at the lake, watching BBC movies and walking. And talking. And some eating. 

2. Unexpected overnight guests last night - Clint and Drew. Both arrived after midnight. I saw Clint for a few minutes before I went to bed. And then I saw Drew for a few minutes after I got home from work.
Better n nothin'.

3. I am loved.


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