Friday, February 22, 2013

My Super Power

What's your super power?
Mine is 'growing hair'.

Seriously, though.
Of all the super powers available to man - growing hair?
That's the one I get? Hmmmpf.

After work today I stopped in at a new-to-me hair salon in my neighbourhood because I saw the sign "we do threading" and I desperately needed my eyebrows to be thinned and shaped.

I parked in front of the door, saw that the 'We're Open" neon sign was lit, and approached the front door. A sad looking, poorly dressed, Egyptian-in-appearance man and a little girl where inside, at the back. The door was locked, but he came rushing over to open it for me.

"Are you still open?" I asked. "Or were you hoping to go home?"
"Come in," he beckoned with his hand.
"Can I get my eyebrows threaded?" I asked.
He nodded and pointed to a chair. Then he spent a few minutes looking for things.
"My wife and I share this place. We should have our own tools. I always have to look for where she put things."
I nodded, and pulled my hair off my face.
He put clips in, to hold my bangs away from my eyebrows.
"You have much hair," he observed.
"Yeah, if nothing else, I know how to grow hair," I agreed.
"Lots and lots of blonde hair," he said.
"Well, yeah. Trouble is, it doesn't just grow on my head. My face has an abundance of blonde hair too. And my chin. Arms..."
"Yes. It's thick hair, yes?" He says while pulling the rest of my hair over the back of the chair.

He pulls out a lawn mower and weed eater and starts mowing down the field of hair that's been growing over my eyes.

Have you ever had your eye brows threaded?
It's oddly intimate.
I mean, there's this guy, with thread in his mouth, hovering over your face, mere inches away. And this guy? Had just had something spicy to eat. It was oozing out of his pores and nostrils.

He threaded both sides, twice - then pulled out the tweezers and had a go with them. Then he grabbed a pair of scissors and set about trimming the unruly straggly hairs. He kept stopping to check his work, by standing directly behind me, and stroking my forehead with his fingers while his thumbs were gently pressed into my temples.

He was an artist, and my brows were his canvas.

"You tired?" he asked.
"Yeah," I said. "I think I could fall asleep in this chair."
"You have long day at work?"
"Uh huh. Long but good. I love what I do."
"That nice. You look tired though."

When he was finished, he helped me off the fully reclined chair, and I met him at the front counter.
"Lots of thick blonde hair, yes? Looks good."

I gave him a 40% tip.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My sister. She sat at the cabin all day today while the sewage treatment guy fixed all our problems. SO GLAD SHE'S RELATED TO ME.

2. So thankful I didn't get bitten by man-eating rats or rabid raccoons last night while I was at the cabin using a cordless drill/screwdriver for the very first time, in the dark, under the porch, by myself, unscrewing the plywood panels (we had put up a few weeks ago), so that they sewage guy could get to the control panel today.

3. Thankful, so very thankful, for the positive, life-giving, encouraging environment I work in everyday. Today was challenging - still on a learning curve. And tomorrow will be special too - I have to learn about budgets and financials and reports and these are not areas that bring me joy. But it's all good. I have a job.

4. Thankful for Drew's friends who drop by pixnprose now and then to keep an eye on things. Haha. My kids HATE it when their friends read this blog. My three refuse to read it. "It's all lies anyways. You never get the facts straight. .."

5. Thankful that the weekend is only a few hours away. So many good things happen on weekends, yes?

6. SO VERY THANKFUL for the friends who keep visiting my dad. My fulltime work hours make it especially difficult to see him during the week. I am grateful for all of you who pop in to see him...

7. I am thankful that I live in this country during this time period of history. How very lucky am I?


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