Friday, February 1, 2013

The Conclusion

Today was part two of The Break-in.

I fell asleep last night/this morning after 5 am. I kept hearing noises, you know? Even though I was at home, away from the 'bad guys' at the lake, I was still a bit skittish. Maybe a lot.

I finally took 2 sleeping pills and Whoa, Baby - did I ever have vivid nightmares before I fell asleep. Twas weird and a bit unnerving to see Richard Armitage's nose on the faces of about 2 dozen other people, coming at me, over and over again. No, seriously, it wasn't funny. It Was Horrific.

Before I fell asleep, I texted my brother, who mostly only hears from me during an emergency in my life, which, actually, on second thought, might be more often than I realize. (Help! My roof has a hole! Help, someone broke into my house! Help, my crawlspace has water in it! Help! My truck was stolen!) I let him know about the break-in at the lake, and asked him if he could meet me up there to fix it, or could he arrange for someone else to do it. And, I asked him not to call me before 9:30 am because I was going to try and sleep in. (If you consider a 4-hour-night as 'sleeping in'.)

We arranged to meet at 2:00 pm, so I spent the morning doing FOTF work from home. In my pj's. Like everyone should.

On my way there, Julie called and said her and Daryl were on their way to the lake too.

"Well, this is unexpected," I said to myself. The Klassen kids together again. I had a fuzzy feeling, and it was nice.

When I got to the cabin, my brother had already set up his work bench, and was cutting the plywood to fit the door. He didn't need me to direct him, make suggestions, or 'manage the project'. This is his world, and he knows what he's doing. Know what? I love it when people do what they do best. It's just a joy to watch.
Competence and confidence is attractive. (Or as Jane Austen would say, 'It's agreeable'.)

 No one is entering via this door unless they bring a chain saw.

True story.

The basement is in lock-down mode too. You need power tools and know-how to get in now.

(They originally got into the basement by kicking in a panel under the porch:)

Anyway, while Jim worked at securing the premises, Daryl checked out the alarm system and thermostat. (And Julie went upstairs to throw out their toothbrushes. "He probably scratched his ass with them," she stated.)

The funny thing about getting old, is that there is never enough light, and the printing on everything is so small.

So it took, both Julie and Daryl, and the table lamp as a light sabre, along with two pairs of glasses, to get that thermosat figured out. We are looking into a user-friendlier option.

I have the best family. They are very thorough in their home maintenance inspections.
I am useless.
Unless you consider my need to photograph everything, useful. 

At one point, while Jim, Jule and I were talking on the driveway, I wished Daryl would have been there, because I think I would have asked him to take a pic of us, the original 3. But Daryl was checking out the neighbour's shed, which was broken into as well...

None of their lake toys were stolen, either. 
The perps must've been looking for cash, alcohol and video games. 
(Three other homes were broken into over the past few days. Nothing taken from their places, either.)

It's a mystery. 
I can't even begin to profile the guy. 
What's he doing?
And why?

Anyway, just as Jim was leaving, he looked at his two sisters, one older, one younger, and said, "I guess God wanted us three to spend some time together today." 
Hahaha. I told him I was thinking the same thing. 

Whatever Satan had intended for evil, God used for His good purposes. 
Was a good day. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The lake. And the community of neighbours we have up there. This brought us closer too.

2. My job. I think they're started to expect me needing random days off for the weirdest personal emergencies.

3. My imagination, while sitting outside of the cabin on Wednesday night, waiting for the police, ran rampant. This is surprising, yes? So even though I was listening to Anne of Green Gables, I was thinking how fun it would be to have the 'break in guy' be someone preparing a grand romantic gesture. And when the cop and I walk in, he'd be in mid-preparations, be kind of embarrassed, but really cute, while he explained what he was up to.
Or, I was wondering if this was God's way of getting me to meet an eligible police officer? Maybe we'd have a 'moment' while he escorted me through the house.

I have GOT to stop immersing myself in romantic television shows.
Real life is not living up to the expectations I have for the screenplay I'm writing for my life.

It's not enough that I survived the whole experience? Now I'm disappointed because there wasn't a romantic interlude involved? What does this say about me? That after 3 break-ins in 6 months, I'm finding them commonplace and not exciting enough on their own?

Who am I?

4. It's the weekend. And the sun? Is expected to shine.


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