Monday, February 4, 2013

Hot Seat

No, I'm  not worried. Really I'm not.
How bad could it be?

I got an invitation last week at work to an event scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

Here were the details:

"We figured it’s a good time for one of our good ol’ round table “hot seat” chats!

The usual drill:

1. Bring a snack
2. We all get to go around the table and ask a question – silly, serious or otherwise – directed at the' new' person
3. By the end, we will be best friends! (or enemies, depending on the questions asked)"

I am one of the new persons.
This is not a whole-staff-meeting. It's just the creative team; me and a buncha 20-something year olds behind closed doors with hipster food and probing, inventive questions.

I will have 12 inquiries directed at me. About anything.
Which, pffft. Is probably no big deal. Seriously. What kind of questions do you think they'd ask? Really? I work for a  Christian organization. They're all kids. I'm old. So far, everyone has been respectful, kind and encouraging.They keep sending me emails telling me how glad they are that I work there. Some people's parents did a very good job raising their children.

I think they'll go easy on me.



There's the other side of the coin.

I have to come up with QUESTIONS.
Questions to ask the other newbies.

How I answer their questions may not be as important as what questions I ask...
The questions need to be clever, witty, cool, young-ish, unique, and unexpected.

Anybody have any ideas for me?
What's one of the best questions someone has asked you?


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My dad, who had been a little bit difficult/not himself/kinda crazy this past week, was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. My sweet sister, hahahaha, noted, "That explains everything. Didn't Jane have like, 8 of them last year and she ended up going bat-shit crazy by November." So thankful that he and I both have access to meds for these things. He was very calm and happy when I hung out with him this afternoon. And I am calm and happy this evening.

2. Thankful and thrilled that I could introduce a friend to Richard Armitage's North And South on Friday night. She responded as enthusiastically as I hoped she would. This is just me, changing the world, one person at a time, into being hopelessly romantic.

3. I am thankful for the way God responds to my prayers. Seriously. I had the most bizarre encounter this week, and it was, I thought, an immediate answer to a new-ish prayer I had. And, oh, that God. Such a sense of humor... He was answering an old-ish one instead. And this encounter gave me a glimpse into the way He sends His messengers of His good news out in His sweet time. I love seeing evidence of the way He works behind the scenes.

Aslan is on the move, people. And it's a glorious thing.


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