Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Three thousand, seven hundred and twelve posts.
That's how many times I've opened up blogger dot com and written down my thoughts.

The only reason I checked this stat is, because today, while reading Dr. John Stackhouse's blog, he mentions that he has written 401 blog entries. And he figures that is the equivalent to a very large book.

This is what he says:

That means that I have written the equivalent of a pretty big book here over the least few years.
For no pay whatsoever.
Nor the slightest career advancement.
Not even the thrill of cheap, transient fame through massive viral exposure to a huge international readership otherwise unavailable to me.
But you know what?
That’s fine by me. I like writing for you.
So thanks, truly, for reading. If you can summon up the interest, send a link to a friend or two, or speak up from time to time on the comments, or even just tweet in the “Opine” section of the website. I write for you, so write back once in a while and I’ll be satisfied.
Not rich, or famous, or dizzy with excitement, clearly. But satisfied.
And that’s all we Anglo-Canadians aim at, anyhow.

I agree with him. 
Thanks for reading.
And thanks for commenting/emailing your thoughts after I've bared my soul. 
Go check out Dr. Stackhouse's blog. It's a gooder. 


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Unexpected dinner (and shopping trip for car parts with my Visa) with Drew. :)
2. A good day at work. Again. Man, who woulda thought?
3. Craft night at my house. So chill. I have missed evenings like that. I love having creative friends. 


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How did your work mates like the cake?