Friday, March 15, 2013

Let's Try That Again ...

Oh man, it's almost midnight again. I will get through this tonight though. 
(I tried last night, but couldn't do it. If you don't know what I'm going on about, go back here.)


So where was I?

Dumb as bricks.
Things I'm thankful for.
Steve asked me a question...


Steve asked me if I've read or am a fan of A Thousand Gifts.
I'd never heard of it, so I told Steve I'd google it and get back to him. 
(Clearly I'm not a reader or a fan. But now I was interested.)

And while I'm off googling, Steve adds this to our conversation: 

"Jane - I am sending you a copy of A Thousand Gifts...

I think she's been stealing ideas from you...
you will love her"

...which was intriguing.

So take a sec, if you want, to check out her site.

I allowed myself 3 minutes to quickly glance through the site, and from what I could tell, Ann, the writer, has written a book filled with a list of 1,000 things she's been thankful for. 

"Hmmm", I thought to myself. "Interesting. She's managed to get her list of Things She's Thankful For, published. Good for her."

I quickly glanced at 'A Letter from Ann' where she shares how the whole project gets started. 
And then?
Then I read this ONE LINE FROM A REVIEWER and I was struck. 
It was my ah hah moment, and I felt like God was gently getting my attention. 

It is a love letter between Jesus and a woman he has been wooing for a lifetime.


Her list of 1,000 things she's thankful for is a LOVE LETTER FROM JESUS? IT IS EVIDENCE THAT HE HAS BEEN WOOING HER? 

Oh my goodness. 

I've been writing down the Three Things I'm Thankful For a couple times a week - FOR ME. Because it's about ME ending the day on a positive note. It's me being brave and appreciative for the stuff that's happened during the day, regardless of how I really feel. It's me, doing an attitude adjustment. For myself.


So I wrote back to Steve: 

I love this comment regarding her book:
"It is a love letter between Jesus and a woman he has been wooing for a lifetime."
I make my list of 3 three things I'm thankful for FOR ME. To change MY attitude from being sad/down/discouraged/negative to looking at what I can be thankful for. Acknowledging the things I'm thankful for is a better way to end the day, than listing all the things that've gone wrong.
But I've never made the leap of seeing that list/those things as a very personal love letter from Jesus. To me.
WHOA, mind blown.


Guess what will be on my list tonight?
So thankful for you, Steve B.

And he replied: 

So glad to make this connect for you! My spiritual director recently asked me about the wooing thing - How has God been wooing you in 2012? I said "wooing?" - he said..."wooing". Makes total sense but I had missed it. Big miss but more tuned in now.


So. How had God been wooing you this year?


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Steve. And my years at Arrow. Rich, full, amazing years of growth. 
2. My coffee date tonight. Such deep, inspiring conversation. I love that 50 isn't too old to make new friends. 
3. Unexpectedly Drew and Danica were here when I got home. THIS IS THE BEST FEELING EVER - coming home to a house that has lights on and love inside.
4. This sermon on Daniel. My take-away from it? 
Your actions in the quiet prepare you for action in the storm.
So good. 

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Tricia said...

Yes, whoa! I was given that book a couple of years ago and have yet to read it. Actually, I've started it twice, but start crying so much after the first chapter that I can't go on. You've inspired me to give it another go.