Monday, March 4, 2013

Totally Worth It

I am limping today.

I twisted my foot last night. Dancing. Erhmm, make that 'worshipping' with my hips and legs. Maybe my arms were moving too.

At a concert.

We were at the front, and the floor was sloped and I am probs too old for activities like this. And it wasn't even the head-lining band. Which is real odd for me, because, while it's not a rule per se, it has been my experience, in thirty six years of concert going, that I do not fall in love with bands I do know who sing original songs that I have never heard before.


Four of went to the Newsboys concert. Two of us had never been to a Christian band concert before and oh it was so fun being there with them. The best.

When Building 429 first came out, I dismissed them.
The lead singer gets up on a table right at the front of the stage, like he's not shy or insecure or anything and totally works the crowd in his skinny, shiny, silvery grey suit with that spiked out hair WEARING SUNGLASSES.

He is oozing confidence and style and skill and I am like 3 rows away from him and all, "Dude. Where does that come from? How can you be SO sure of yourself?"

(Likely all band front-men since the dawn of time are like this. But it's the first time I've seen it up close.)

As the night wore on, and his/their songs wore me down, I came to appreciate again, how sexy (in a non-sexual way) it is when someone is in their sweet spot, doing what they were created to do. He had confidence because he was doing what he's good at. Doing what he's been practising. Doing exactly what God created him to do. He had confidence because his band mates had his back.

And before you knew it, there I was swaying. and singing along. And minutes later, OW. Sore foot.

And it so doesn't matter.

And whilst I was there, singing and wiggling, I realized I'm not done with the whole Creation experience. I need to go one more time. This year it's from Aug 7 - 10. You should totally come too. Building 429 will be there! On the mainstage! (So will David Crowder. And hahahaha, some version of Audio A will be there too.)

SPEAKING of Audio Adrenaline... they were the first Christian concert I took my kids to. At Pacific Academy's auditorium. Way back in 1999.

Last night's concert? Was at PA's auditorium too. And it was the first Christian concert that Danica's attended.

Life goes round and round in circles sometimes, doesn't it?

Other random thoughts from last night:

This song, was my favorite.  I'm listening to it over and over again tonight.
Newsboys should re-name their band. That was not the Newsboys last night.
Michael Tait is not Peter Furler.
Being in the front row during a concert is THE BEST PLACE TO BE, even if the sound from the speakers is so loud it blows back your bangs.


The other night four of us went to the Canuck's game. I think we might have lost. TOTALLY DIDN'T MATTER. As we settled into our seats, we looked at each other and acknowledged this was one of our happy places.

And then I realized that I have quite a few happy places:

  •  Michael's. (Thanks Ray and Judy for giving me my first job at The Hobby Hut.) 
  • The lake. (Thanks Dad for building that cabin.) 
  • Section 117, Row 25, Seat 12 at Canuck's games. (Thanks, Mark for giving me tickets a couple games each season.)
  • Palm Springs. (Thanks dad and mom for the memories. All the good times I've had in that city started back in 1974 on our first holiday there.)
  • White Rock Beach. Crescent Beach. (Thanks, friends, who like to walk and talk along promenades.)
  • Back, right side at Northview on Saturday night. (Thanks, Jeff, for preachin' it.)
  • Any coffee shop, but mostly the Starbucks at Chapters, where hours and hours and hours have been spent re-connecting with friends.

Rich. I am rich with happy places.


I finished watching two seasons of Game of Thrones. Whoa. WAaaay more boobs and blood than the family-friendly Robin Hood. :)
But man - talk about an epic production. SERIOUSLY amazing. I'm a little bit sad it's so graphic, because the story is deep and meandering and surprising and filled with great characters. You probably wouldn't want to watch it with your kids. Or your parents. So there's that. But if you live alone - and can handle spurting, gushing blood, and bouncy bare breasts, and boinking bums - well then, uhh. Be warned. 

I've been watching the extra footage, because it's all so interesting, you know? And I'm starting to fully appreciate what goes into the making of our entertainment. And I stand here in awe. Well, actually I'm sitting. My foot hurts. Maybe I've mentioned that?


Guess that's it for tonight.
Thanks for dropping by. 

Oh wait. 
Things I'm thankful for:

1. My mom and sister. For faithfully caring for my dad. (I've cut my visits down to once a week. Usually on the weekend, usually in the afternoon.) And thanks to Art and Anne for going EVERY SINGLE THURSDAY. You are all awesome.

2. I am so thankful that all three kids are working. And that they all have some pretty incredible friends.

3. Can I talk about my job again? Because today was another good day. Like, it's almost crazy how much I like it. Oh that God. He so knew what He was doing. 


Final song of the night - both opening acts plus the newsboys singing this. Fav part of the evening:

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