Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Peeps I Work With

Someone became a brand-new dad so our team threw a party.

This is my boss:
(He's a writer. And a blogger. And a tweeter. And the same age as Clint. No? Why would that be weird?)

New dad is our head designer:
(He did my job for a year, so I pester him alot with neverending questions. He's very patient.)

Remember back in December when I was a mess? This gal stuck by my side through the whole month, catching everything that was in danger of falling through a crack:

Radiant new mom:

Our assistant editor:
(A great writer. Seriously.)

"Oooooo. Lights on the ceiling."
The beautiful reason for the party:

And one more because she's adorbs.

One of designers: Today she designed a page for an upcoming project that I want to get printed poster-size and hang in my office. So good.

Our newest team additions:
In the front, our junior designer. In the background; our french editor.
Great, great people to work with.

And on the end (left side of pic) is another designer. I would pay money just to buy her doodles. And in the middle (wearing purple) is our newest editor. She might be my favorite person in the whole wide world because she does my filing and purchase orders.

I'm missing two people from our team; this was the first time I brought my camera to work and I was slightly intimidated. Not slightly, TOTALLY freaked to take photos. I work with creative people who know their way around a camera. I? Don't. In fact, I grabbed the wrong lens when I left the house this morning, so I'm amazed even these turned out.

Other people I work closely with:

She has a stunning smile; I'm sad I just missed it when I clicked.
She's a writer. A very, very good writer:

Also a brand new dad, this guy's attention to detail leaves me in awe:

And that's it. These are the people I spend 40 hours a week with.

Pretty good gig I've got.
It's the perfect job seeing:

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Justin's testimony. Written by him one year ago.

2. Creative People. New babies.

3. Naps. and Maps. But not Frapps. Or Raps. But yes to Wraps.


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