Friday, April 19, 2013

Stormy Brain

I suck at meetings.
Especially 'brain storming' ones.

So many of them this week.
And I froze through all of them.

I had nothing to contribute.
At least I had nothing to contribute while we were all sitting around the table.
Any thoughts I had, got trapped between my brain and my mouth.

Once I got back to my desk?
Yeah? That's when I got all brilliant.
And it was waaaaay too late.

I was so disappointed in myself.
I AM so disappointed in myself.

Why does it take so stinkin' long for me to, to, oh, I dunno, feel comfortable or confident in new(ish) situations?

And how long will this all seem newish?


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Tomorrow is a new day.
2. I am where I am because God wants me here. Maybe it's not about what I can contribute but what I need to learn.
3. Opportunity to take pics of some girls on their sweet 16th tomorrow evening.


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