Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Feel Like Talking

Why is there no one in my house?

Seriously. I have words to say.

I would make a sucky roommate. Or an even worse mom to boys. :)   talktalktalktalktalktalktalkSTOPALREADY

So anyways, How about those Canucks?
If they weren't prepared to go all the way and win the cup, then I thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving us our Spring evenings back as efficiently as possible. A clean sweep was the ultimate act of kindness. We love you, Canucks. See you next fall.


I still am being entertained by the whole twitter thing. And today? Late this afternoon, just as I was getting ready to pack it in for the day? I sat at my desk and JUST SMILED. And smiled. And smiled.

OK. I'll tell you why.

So, I follow this guy, Josef Atlin, who is a young-ish, and probably hot British actor who is on THE GAME OF FREAKING THRONES. (He's on the wall with Jon.) He also had a part in Les Mis. And Robin Hood. And The Young Victoria. So, maybe he's kinda a big deal?

ANYwaaaaay. He tweets alot. I have a feeling he lives alone too. I recognize the signs. For example, during a one hour time span today, this is what he tweeted:

BBQ time! Just me,myself and I :( .. Just doing burgers.. Quick and easy!

Burgers take quick on the BBQ...already munching my face! Lol

Stop begging cat... It goes on like I don't feed it

That was the quickest BBQ ever! 2morra gonna try cook the beer up the chicken butt. Don't laugh there's a actual recipe.

speaking to my daughter has been the best thing today... oh and the burgers haha.

what drink am i drinking? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , give up? >> it was coca cola. I know that was a hard one.

And so on ...

And then he tweeted this:

just fell up the stairs again!

And immediately after that, on my feed, was a tweet from my friend, Shannon, who said:

Definitely just walked into a pole... Yup.

And it occurred to me that maybe not every tweet is fascinating. So I tweeted:

The type of peeps I'm following on twitter: "just fell up the stairs again" "definitely just walked into a pole"

And then know what? He tweeted this:

hope you like how real we are haha :) thx for following x

Oh my goodness.
An actor from England tweeted a message to me, seconds after I had mentioned him in a tweet. IT WAS LIKE A CONVERSATION. He thanked me for following him. And that x? Is a kiss. OK. Maybe not a real kiss. Just, like a peck-on-the-cheek kiss. Or maybe he doesn't use periods to end his sentences? He uses x's instead? What do I know about the punctuation English guys use?  Seriously. How old am I? 12?

So, yeah. I just sat there and smiled. It's weird, having a random real-time connection with a famous stranger on the other side of the planet

Man. I just love the internet.


I remember when The Office was part of my must-watch-TV on Thursday nights.
I think I was their biggest fan right through 5 seasons, and then, well, I wasn't.

And now? It's over.
Season 9 and the Series ends on May 16.
Have you ever watched?
As you know, it was set in Scranton, PA. It wasn't actually filmed there, it 'pretended' to be filmed there.
ANYwaaaaayzzz... the real, actual, city of Scranton, (the whole city, like, everybody) hosted the WRAP party for the entire cast and crew of The Office.

Is that not tre'cool?

And everyone showed up. Everyone. Including Steve Carrell. (He made an unexpected surprise appearance.)
There was a parade, and party, and stuff and whatnot.

Jenna Fisher (Pam), talks about John Kras (Jim) and the City of Scranton in this interview.
I just realized how much I miss these people. I may have had an unhealthy attachment to them.
Yes. I follow Jenna and John on Twitter.

Do. Not. Judge. Me.

Oy. John is on Jimmy Fallon right this minute doing a Lip-Sync-Off. SOoooo funny. Look for it online.


My life is not all about the entertainment industry.
Truly it is not.

I am NOT as shallow as this post might be leading you to believe.
(Whoa. It feels like a summer night here. My arms are sticking to my desk. It's 1 am and I am melting. I love it.)

Want to know how things are going at work?
Shall I tell you about my Monday?
I see you nodding over there, so OK.

You know about our big National Marriage Tour, right?
(Are you attending, by the way? YOU TOTALLY SHOULD.)
Well, OK. So the Creative Services Department has been focused on a gazillion details for this event; print ads, web site, email campaign, radio, magazine spreads, brochures, tickets, posters, and on and on. Like way more than a gazillion pieces to this project.

And that was just the front end.
We also have video footage, slide shows, handouts, parting gifts, gift bags, name tags, stage decorations, event signage etc and so on for during the tour. Plus, one of our give-aways to every couple who attends is a 512mb flashdrive that is loaded with free resources.

That last thing?
Is giving me face wrinkles.

Six weeks ago, after way too many days of negotiating with various vendors, I finally awarded the contract for 5,000 flashdrives (to be loaded with 350mb of data) to vendor A. They were to be delivered to my desk on Monday May 6. (We would then have a few days to pack up the flashdrives and ship them across Canada to the venues we will be visiting on the tour.)

Instead, on Monday?
This was my first email of the day:

The subject line was: Good Morning Jane


This was not good news. (Especially since these flashdrives were the President's idea and kind of his pet project.)

I somehow had to get 5,000 flashdrives, printed with Focus's logo, in Focus's colors, and loaded with Focus's data in time for the tour. And time? Had run out.

So, for the first time in the history of my employment at Focus, I spoke up during staff prayer time and asked for prayer.

And know what?
By the end of the day?

It was all good.
God and the internet came through for me/us.
And Jake, from midwest USA? Is my new 27 year old online BFF. His last email to me?
I am doing my best to get them to you in a week!!! LOL. I can 1,00000000% get them to you before your tour begins. Your timeline is GOOD NEWS, VERY VERY GOOD NEWS!"




I was recently in a conversation where it was mused, "We (believers) should all have brand-new Christians in our life. It's tragic that most of us don't. And why don't we?"

He was so right.

When's the last time I hung out with someone new to a faith in Jesus?

How about you?


It's 2 am.
I should probably just go to bed already.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Charles Ramsey. So thankful those girls have been rescued.

2. Warm, casual, long visit with my dad on Monday evening. First evening visit since last December when I crashed. The first thing he said when I surprised him in his room? "When can I get out of here? I'd like to go home." (Which is what he used to say to me everyday for months and months.) And then, just like he did all last Spring, Summer and Fall, "Where's mom? I wonder where she is." And then? We watched Shawshank Redemption. And he told me, throughout the entire movie what scene was coming up next. "He's going to commit suicide.." etc. :)

3. Last minute dinner date with my mom tonight. I called her at 5 to see if she wanted to meet me at the ABC. "Oh, I've already had dinner...I eat by 4:30." Oh seniors. So fun with that whole early dinner thing.

4. This job I have. Never boring. Best co-workers ever.

5. My boys.

6. Summer in May. Whoa. Be still my heart.

7. Tan lines.

8. Inspiring stories.

9. Danica got a job! Her former salon closed down on April 30. And today? She was hired at VIVID HAIR BOUTIQUE almost right across the street sort of from where I work. So proud of her and excited for the new opportunities coming her way.

10. I can't think of another one. It's way late.


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