Monday, May 6, 2013

16 Episodes in a Row

In a mature, concentrated effort to get over my obsession with Irish/English accents, I picked up the first season of New Girl, anticipating a stomach ache from gut-splitting laughter.

And I've just watched sixteen episodes in a row.
Yes, yes, yes, there have been lol moments. But there's also been a few seconds minutes that have been tear inducing. Like the Christmas show? Please.

Know what?
I still crave non-American accents.


Also this weekend?
I suntanned. Danica turned 19. And Max pressure-washed my patio/driveway and cleaned out the garage. Win- win- win.

The S family invited me over for Danica's birthday dinner...
Which was lovely. And I totally see why Drew loves spending time there.

Drew and Danica's dad doing The Drew Smile:


Oh. And also this weekend?

and cheesecake.
There was cheesecake.
Cheesecake + conversation = awesomeness

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Dinner on Thursday night with a friend-from-the-past. Unfortunately we were at Earl's and ended having to yell at each other because it was so noisy in there.

I am old.
She's divorced too.

So I always learn so much from her every time we meet.

I am thankful for her.
And every other friend I have that is a role model for me in some way or 'nother.

2. Weekends that are sun-soaked. Seriously. BEST EVAH.

3. I am also thankful for flip flops, fans, evening breezes, TV shows on DVD, pajama shorts, and a clean garage.


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