Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Old Testament Humour in the Workplace

I was having a shitty day.
Can I say that?

Like, really crappy.
A mistake had been made, and I owned it.
(Even though, in my heart, I think the two guys at the post office, Benny and Bernie, are also partially responsible.) In the end it was a misunderstanding - I was saying something, and they were assuming something totally different.

The final impact was that an order of envelopes needs to be reprinted and shipped across Canada.

All day long, as the drama unfolded, I had to walk over to Alan (not his real name)'s desk and give him another tidbit of bad news. By noon I felt like an angel of death.

On the upside, I was doing managing a different project really well, and received this email from Bruce (again, NOT his real name), "Thank you for keeping track of things and reminding me.
We’d all be lost without you."

So I responded, "Hahahaha. 
I am the angel of death today. Just ask Alan how many things have NOT gone as planned.
Oy vey.

But thanks for the kind words anyway."

To which he replied; "Mental note to myself: Paint office door posts with blood of a lamb, the angel of death is on the move again."

And there you have it. Bible humour at it's best. 
It was my laugh out loud moment of the day.

Don't you wish you worked at Focus?


Yesterday was Culture Day for the O Fam. 
The five of us went to the Vancouver Art Gallery after work ...

But everyone with male hormones was hangry. 
Rookie mistake on my part - I should have fed everyone first. 
We were there for this exhibit:

(Spiegelman was the creator behind Maus, the graphic novel that Max and I both read in Palm Springs last October.)

All things considered, (and there are alot of things to consider, and allowances to be made when dealing with Oboys), it was another fine memory-making event. 

I'm proud to be related to these exceptional people.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Dinner with friends. Deep, transparent conversations that are rich with honesty and trust. And, as always, the promise to pray for each other. 

2. Traffic-free, rain-free drive into and out of Vancouver this evening (after said dinner with friends) with music playing and imagination soaring. 

3. Unexpected hug from my oldest as I was leaving his place. And no sarcastic comment when I accidentally hit the alarm button on my key fob and couldn't switch it off until many agonizing seconds had passed. Such restraint on his part. I appreciated that. 

Some days, like this one, are full to overflowing with emotions. Embarrassment, laughter, sympathy, sadness, warmth, love, and longing. Thank you God. Life is not boring. Or predictable. 


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