Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My latest time waster?

I know, I know.
I'm so late to that party. Twitter is old news.

I originally got a twitter account in 2009 and posted two tweets in 3 years. I am known as a power user. My excuse was that I had a lousy phone that was only good for making/receiving calls... and twitter was definitely a smart phone app. And my phone was not smart.

I don't know what prompted it, but a few weeks ago I re-visited the whole twitter idea and Got Serious about joining that online world. It's been 2 weeks and I've tweeted nine times. So obviously I'm going about this slowly.

But don't let my (dismally low) number of  tweets have you thinking I'm bored by this project already, because nosireebob, I am not. I am fascinated by it. And am forming strong opinions about  various twitterers.

Here are my thoughts/observations after 17 days of Twitter Obsession:

1. Comedians have better tweets than big-name Christian leaders. By 'better', I mean, more entertaining. Because really? I just want to laugh.

2. Actors have more interesting 'job' tweets than marketers. Or pastors. Or organizations. I thought I'd be fascinated by the 140 characters that Max Lucado, John Piper, Tim Keller, and Mark Driscoll post EVERY HOUR ALL DAY LONG ... but mostly? I'm not. I barely skim them.

3. Because of this, I am loathe to tweet. I might be too old for funny. And the internet doesn't need another person regurgitating famous inspiring quotes from CS Lewis or Boenhoeffer. 

4. In the blogging world, one I am more comfortable in, ONLY I know how many people drop by to visit me. But everyone on the planet can see that I have 24 measly friends on twitter. And I use the term friend loosely, as ten of those are complete strangers to me.

5. I don't think Christians should use this platform as a place to preach. I just don't.

6. I'm also not a fan of organizations that use twitter as a place to sell their product or appeal for funds. On repeat. Every 30 minutes. All the live long day.Ha. And I have a Marketing degree.

So now you're wondering why I even bother, right?

Fair enough.

I'll give you an my fave tweet of the day.
Do you know who Joseph Gordon-Levitt is?
OKfine, I'll google an image for you. Just a sec...


He's kinda a big deal these days. Hot Hollywood actor. Check out his list of projects.
Anyway, I follow him.
And today's tweet was this:

Hey , you're good at karaoke, but you're an even better writer :O) Thanks for the kind words..

 (Do I need to interpret this for you? OKfine: "Hey Josh, you're good at karaoke, but you're an even better writer. Smile. Thanks for the kind words." )
You can read what Josh wrote HERE. (Language warning. But a good read.)

Big hot-shot actor gave some words of encouragement to a regular guy. LOVE that.
Big hot-shot actor has over 1.6 million followers. Josh's article? Is going to be read by a whole lotta people. Maybe he'll get a writing gig job as a result? Whatever. I just love everything about this story.


Did you watch the History Channel's THE BIBLE ?
(I didn't. But I will. I understand the actors are all British. Which means another 10 hours of listening to British/Irish accents.)
As a result of that mini-series, I somehow ended up following the 20-year-old actor who plays young David - Jassa Ahluwalia.

Need a pic?

Yes, he's just a kid.
He's on location in Malta right now, filming a new project for BBC called The Whale, which is a true story, based on these events. Jassa plays Owen Coffin. I have a feeling today was the day they shot the part where he sacrificed his life, so that others on the boat could eat him, based on his tweet: Very interesting curveball direction from Mr Alrick Riley this afternoon. Shook things up and found truth in ways most unexpected.

Seeing I also follow him on facebook, I checked out his page to see if he added any more details...
Firstly it was a scene scheduled for tomorrow that was brought forward so I was coming into it with very little psychological prep. Then he asked me to try the opposite of my instinct. Went for a take. Reintroduced my initial thoughts. Did another. Then one more. Somewhere in all that uncharted territory something wonderful was found. Quite hard to explain.

Yes, I might have left a comment on his wall.
I live alone. I'm becoming that woman. At least I don't have cats.

Also on the set is Ben Kingsley's son, Ferdinand. (He's from Leamington Spa! The exact little community that I stayed in when we did our England house swap in 2010.) No, I'm not posting any more pics. Look them up yourself. So I'm following him too. And there's a guy from Game of Thrones also part of The Whale project, so I'm following him too. And I just find the whole thing interesting/entertaining/so unlike everything in my real world.


On a different note, but still to do with the internet, is this article by Russell Brand. (Again, the language is a bit rough, but worth a look.)

I made the mistake of reading it at work today. But then, I never expected to tear up at the end. The words, ‘Hello. You all right, mate?’ just got me. (Could be the whole English accent thing again, but mostly I think it's the sentiment. Guys who have each other's backs. A beautiful thing.)

I love, love, love the community that comes with being involved in NA. And I am a huge fan of the sponsor/sponsee relationship. EVERYONE should have a sponsor/mentor.

If you were on the edge of making a bad decision, who would you call at 4 am? Do you have someone? Who is your go-to person when you're in trouble?

Of course, the point of the article is to educate readers that drug addicts aren't bad people. They're sick people. And I guess it's not until you find out that someone you love is an addict can you fully appreciate how very accurate this truth is.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Banana Chocolate chip muffins
2. Walks along the beach with friends

3. Sunday afternoons with the kids at home

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