Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Still Have LOTS of Time To Pack...

So he's there.

These are his new digs; he shares this cabin with Rasheed:

Uganda - the Jewel of Africa (apparently):

The Market:


I was hoping he would rest for a few weeks, what with having mono and all, but apparently he's starting work today doing some video for MBBS.


He's in God's hands.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch (my house in Murrayville ...) I have packed nothing yet. But I've been collecting boxes. Any evening now I'll get to it. But not this week.

And no. I haven't found any house I want to buy. So. The future is a little fuzzy at the moment.

I, too, am in God's hands.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. A wonderfully relaxing, conversationally satisfying evening, yesterday, on the patio at Wendells in Fort Langley. Nights like that feel like vacation nights. I fricken love summer. And I having friends who love sitting outside talking over the sound of trains rumbling past.

2. And I'm thankful that I have friends who enjoy being stretched by intellectual (hahaha) events, like the free public lectures at Regent. Tonight? Was Alister McGrath (he's Irish.) (Of course he is. It's a theme in my life these days.) talking about CS Lewis. As great as the lectures are, I love the hour long conversations that take place on the drive home even more. WHO are this generation's Lewis and Tolkien? Are there any good Christian storytellers these days?

3. Thankful for young love - so happy for them, they're engaged:


Over on the side bar -----> is a clock that lets you (well, us, his family) know exactly what time it is in Kampala. If you happen to be praying for my boy, maybe the clock will give you an idea what he might be up to as you're praying. Thanks.

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