Saturday, June 8, 2013

Will I Bake Biscuits Again in This House?

Today IS the day.
I am going to start packing. Right now.


I'm beginning in the kitchen because it's closest to the computer where I have happy music blaring.


What will I need for the next three weeks?
And what if I don't find a house ...what will I not need for like, a long time.
(Last time I waited for the 'perfect house' [this one], it was ONE YEAR.)

What do I need to bake two cakes before July 2 (two birthdays at work. I offered to bring the cakes)? What if Max stays for night? I like making cheese biscuits for him in the morning.


My next house will have screens.
My open windows today have huge WELCOME signs on them. Every fly in the neighbourhood has popped in to say hi.
(This house did come with screens. The boys removed/broke them everytime they climbed through a window. Yes, this house did come with doors, but they kept losing their keys. And climbing through 2nd story windows is bad-ass. Doors are for chumps.)


I have 48 packages of popcorn in an unopened box. Dinner for the next 2 months is looked after.


It's handy using boxes that someone else has just used for their move. (Thanks, Betty the Bookkeeper.) Everything is pre-labelled: "Cutlery"? OK, perfect. "Kitchen- tupperware"? Yup, works for me.

This could be the easiest move ever.


Probably not.


WOW, do I ever have alot of expired food in my cupboards. This will not come as a surprise to my kids, who have been convinced for years that I've been slowly poisoning them with dangerously outdated foodstuffs.


In other news, Clint was at the equator today. Or maybe that was yesterday. Our today, his yesterday, possibly?  He sent me a pic on snapchat. WHICH IS THE MOST USELESS APP EVER. The photo self-destructs in 3 seconds.

What is the point?

I think this app was designed for folks who like/need to send dirty/nudey pics to each other. And then have those pics disappear before they can be shared or exploited.

But pics of the equator? Seriously?
I'm old. I want to have another, longer, more relaxed viewing option.

What was wrong with Instagram?
Or Twitter?
Or Facebook?

Why can't he use those social media platforms as he pics his way across Africa?


Speaking of Clint...
I'm missing him.

Feeling sad, on his behalf, that when he comes home this fall, this house will not be available for him to drop in at.

Mind you, he's the son that is always looking forward, making plans.
Max is the one who lives in the now, fulling engaging in the moment.
And Drewbs is the one who keeps an eye on the rear-view mirror, remembering traditions.

Still. I think Clint'll miss this place, even though he only really lived here for 3 - 4 years.


What's a good packing song?
Currently listening to: Oasis - Columbia:

There we were,  now here we are 
All this confusion? nothings the same to me ...
There we were,  now here we are 
All this confusion -  nothings the same to me 

But I can't tell you the way I feel 
Because the way I feel is (oh so) new to me 

What I heard is not what I hear 
I can see the signs but they're not very clear 

Although, lately, I'm not even sure if I'm seeing the signs.
It's all so confusing.
And I'm not sure how I feel? Excited? Scared? Sad? Worried? Resigned? Hopeful?

There we were, (me n my boys) moving into Murrayville, just ten minutes ago, it seems.
And now, here we are - (me, alone) moving on to a new housing situation.

Anyway, this seems to be my theme song this month.


Know what fun thing I did on Thursday?

I introduced Kelley to Facebook.
Slowly, one friend at a time, I'll get all my peeps on it. Shelly? Carolyn? Karm? I'm looking at you.

She needed a profile pic, so I pulled out my camera and we did an impromptu shoot.

She is so photogenic.

While we were at it, I also taught her about copy, paste and cut. And inserting hyper-links. Because everyone should know these things.

And I LOVE passing along my very limited but useful computer knowledge.

Which reminds me of another Murrayville Memory - how many evenings did I have friends and their laptops sitting around my kitchen table sharing techie stuff with each other because our kids have no patience with us? Sorting pics? Making photo books? Learning about facebook? Starting blogs?


My new place better have room for a kitchen table.



The sun is shining.

Maybe I should go tan for a few minutes.

(My new place may not get sunshine in the backyard.
Or if it does, it might not be private enough for me ...)


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The last ten years.
2. Saturdays.
3. Snapchat - which is better than NOTHING.


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