Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Saying Goodbye

We had a party celebration luncheon at work today:

There were flowers:

And food:
(Potluck. Just like in the olden days at church gatherings. And just like in the olden days, some folks put in a huge effort. My contributions? Taking pics.)

Yummy desserts:

and a slide show. 
And messages from folks not able to join us.
And a tribute.
And a gift.
And some prayers.
And singing...  (We sang Great is Thy Faithfulness. SO good. LOVE it when the staff team does this. They sing in harmony. With no instruments. It. Is. Beautiful.)

This is our President, by the way:

And the reason for this event?
To say Thank You and Farewell to this vibrant, fun-loving, community-building, talented, extroverted bundle of blondeness:

I must've been in my third week at Focus when she descended on my office, all smiles and hair and confidence and bubbles and said, "Let's do lunch."

I, filled with fear, self-doubt, anxiety and broken to bits said, "Like hell,"to myself as I smiled at her.

She tried again about a month later... giving me some space to get my sh*t crap together. 

And so we had lunch. And it was good. 

She flittered around the office, bringing good cheer and warmth to our team daily. And as she prepared for her 'swan song'  - the cross Canada Marriage Tour - her and I worked closely together on all the details that needed to be prepared in advance. 

I am sad that she is leaving. 
She was transparent, patient, encouraging and authentic when I needed it most. 

Blessings, Jacquie. 
Hoping our paths cross again ...


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. This great place where I get to spend my days.
2. It is well with my soul.
3. Strawberries


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