Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday Musings

Donald Miller's post on facebook today has me thinking:

"What if you decided to change a dozen people's lives? To keep your focus and prayers toward them. And trusted them to change the world."

What if.

Of course, I immediately started to make a list of 12 people that I would pray for. And stay focused on.

Know what?
It's hard to stop at 12 once you get going...
Because, clearly, your kids will each take a spot.
That leaves 9. Well, actually 8, because I think of Danica as one of mine.
And if you throw your kids' cousins in there, (from both sides of the family) well, then - that's it.
There are your 12.

Maybe, you can lump those all together?
Sons count as 1.
Cousins count as 1.
So that brings the total to 2.

Then there are some of my friends' kids. And some of my kids' friends. And some folks who I know through work. And then there's a pastor or two. And there are some people who have come alongside my kids that I'd add to the list. And some young leaders who are making a difference but need prayer.

And so it goes.
(Interestingly, other than kids/cousins - 90% of the names on my list are male. We should probably talk about that.)

Another day, maybe.

So, back to - Who to pick?
Which 12 will I commit to praying for and focusing on this year/many years/forever?
And what would that look like?
I mean, I know what praying for someone looks like. But the focusing thing? What does that mean? Spending time with them? Because I'm pretty sure no one on my list wants to hang out with me. And some of the people that I want to pray for don't even know me. (Is that weird?) And some of the people on my list aren't even Christians (yet). (Is that allowed? Can I put non-believers on this particular prayer list? Is it there a clause for this in the rules?)

Know what else?
If I over-think this, I won't do it.
On Donald's facebook page, one commenter said, "Who do you think you are, Jesus?"

And then the lightbulb in my brain switched on, and I was like, "Oh, like the twelve disciples! That's what Donald is getting at. Jesus prayed for and focused on those 12. And trusted them to change the world.


I can't do that.
He invited 12 guys (who were like his peers/his own age, I think) to join him on a journey. (Hmmm, they weren't believers before He asked them. So I guess that answers one of my questions, above.) His 12 knew they were being called to something, and agreed. (I wasn't planning on telling my 12 what I was doing. Maybe I should? Maybe that's an important part of the process?)

And He lived with them. So, that was being FOCUSED. Way more invested in His 12 than I would be able to be.
So. I should abandon the whole idea because I can't be Jesus?

But maybe Donald isn't challenging us to be Jesus, but to be Jesus-like?
Maybe I should just start with the praying, and see what Jesus does with that.



Are you tired of my whining?

I have no ability to guess what size box I need for the items I plan on packing in it.
Take these cords, for example.
This is the third box I tried. And it was jussssst right.
But seriously? THREE tries before I got it right?
This is why it takes me forever to pack anything.

Know what this is?

It's a drawer dedicated to the backs of battery-powered devices. Just the backs. (I have no idea where the devices are.) For some reason, for as long as I've known them, my kids have always removed the battery covers and never put them back on again. Ever.
Yes, this is annoying.

See this drawer? And all those backs?
Those are just the ones I've saved since moving into this house. I had just as many in that drawer when we lived in Fraser Heights.

I predict that seeing I don't have any Oboys living with me, I'll never have a drawer dedicated to items like this again.

(By the way, I did not pack these. I threw them out.)

Hey look what I found:

I (think) that was my first cell phone. 
It was a little bit thicker than my current cell phone.

Know what else I found?

I am moving at exactly the right time. 
I so need to get rid of things. Things like old newspapers. Even if they are all about Linden. 

I will be using this to wrap up my dishes. 

And sigh.

What do I do with things like this?

I cross-stitched it with my own two hands. From start to finish. 
And then I got it triple-matted and framed with non-glare glass. 

But it's peach and green. And well, yuck, I guess.

I have a whole collection of framed cross-stitched pictures. All very 'country'. 

Shame, really.
All that time and money spent on something that will not get passed down through the generations. 
My kin will not know that great grandma used to know how to thread a needle. 


I found my camera, (obviously) so I took a pic of the gift that Tricia sent:

Looks like a pile of awesomeness, no?

Actually, it's a:

bracelet. Made JUST FOR ME. (Click on image to enlarge.)
How do I know this? See the C, M, and D charms on there? That's how I know. 

So pretty. 
LOVE, love, L.O.V.E. the colors. 
Love each charm.
Love the friend who made it for me. 

Thanks, Tricia. 
I don't make things (unless you want a framed cross-stitch) :)?
I'll think of something awesome to send you, though.

And while I had my camera out, I took a pic of the thingy that Maxine made me for my birthday. Seriously, SO lucky to have such creative friends:

Elegant, no?

Looking forward to my next home, where I can display this. 


Twas Father's Day today. 
Against all odds, my dad is still with us. God is still using him for His purposes on earth, and for that, we are thankful.

I hung out with him this evening:

I hit the jackpot with this man. He was/is the best. 
He loves me. 
Which is pretty much all a person wants in a parent.

Afterwards I stopped in at my new place. 
And sat in the kitchen and talked with Mandi and mom for two hours.
I think living there is going to be OK... I'm looking forward to:
  • Honing my dutch blitz skills with Mandi
  • Sleeping in a quiet, dark, cool room this summer. (I've chosen to take over the basement.)
  • No road construction between mom's place and work; should be a quick commute.
  • Having someone prepare all my meals for me. (Hahaha. Mom just had a coronary reading that.)
  • Benefiting from Mandi's love of baking. 
  • Media room with a surround sound system and a 70" screen to watch Vampire Diaries and Robin Hood on. (No this is not a waste of good equipment DREW.)
  • Having someone to talk to. (This weekend? I did not speak one single word out loud on Saturday. And it wasn't til I saw dad at 6:30 on Sunday, that I said anything. That's like a million minutes of not talking in dog years.)
  • Walking with Mandi on non-rainy days. 
  • Moving from a 2800 square foot home to a basement bedroom is a drastic downsize. Maybe my expectations re: house-size will get adjusted as a result of this move to mom's. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My family. 
2. Treatza Pizza
3. Chicken and rice dinner, made by Mandi. 


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