Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just so we're clear...

... it's not the actual packing (make the box, fill it with stuff, tape it shut, write info on top, carry it to the front entrance and create a maze of boxes 6 feet high) that's difficult. It's all the decisions that need to be made:

1. Do I even like this anymore?

2. Who gave it to me? Are they still in my life? Will they notice if it's not in my next house?

3. Why oh why did I take so many photos? Do I need to keep every single one of them?

4. Sally Ann? Or the dump?

5. Will peach and mint green ever be popular again? Will I like it as much, second time round?

6. Seriously. Just twenty pounds. And then all these clothes will fit. But. Will I want to wear them? HOW LONG HAVE THEY BEEN IN MY CLOSET? Jeans and t-shirts never really go out of style... OK. I'll keep them another 12 years.

7.But it still works. Maybe one of the kids will want it. (Thirty year old 12" Sony TV)

8. There is a chance I'll make a cake that calls for a spring form pan sometime this century.

9. Oh look. The sun is shining.

10. I wonder if anyone has tweeted in the past 7 minutes.

11. I will have a granddaughter someday, surely. She'd LOVE these. Won't she?

12. But I love this soup tureen. Yes, it was a wedding shower gift 30 years ago and I've never used it. But still. I love this soup tureen.

13. No one throws out cables and cords, do they? As soon as they're gone, someone's going to need one.I should keep them all, just in case.  (37 random cables and cords)

14. Which DVD's will I likely want to watch again in the next few weeks? Few months? Which ones should I keep at the lake? Which ones should come with me to mom's? And which ones can go into storage?

15. Will there be room for this (my favorite thing in the whole wide world) (suddenly everything is my favorite thing.)in my next house?

16. One of the kids may want this.

17. What time is it in Africa? I wonder what Clint's up to?

18. Why did I think it was a good idea to move again?

19. OH, here it is! I wonder where I'd put that. It's been gone, for like, 4 years. YES, I still need it. I think.

20. What are the chances of me ending up with a house that has both a living room & dining room AND a kitchen eating area & family room? Cuz all the newer homes just have a great room. Which means one set of furniture has to go. Maybe I should keep it all? At least until I know?


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. All my kitchen cupboards and bathroom cupboards have been emptied and are sparkling clean. Same with the buffet in the dining room.

2. Back when I started blogging, there weren't too many people doing it. Just a handful of us. And somehow we found each other even though we live on opposite corners of the continent. We became friends, and someday we will meet each other. Probably.
I'm thankful that we met. And I'm thankful that she has such great taste in gifts, because this week? I just got a birthday present from her. I'll take a pic of it later. I can't remember where I packed my camera right now.

Thanks, Tricia.

3. I am thankful that someone smarter than me has my future figured out.


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