Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yes. I HAVE been looking as a matter of fact.

Wait, what? Did that sound defensive?


Alot of people have been asking if I'm even looking for a place to live.


As if I wouldn't.

Seriously. COME ON.

I have driven past, or parked in front of, every house on the market, in my price range, in my targeted neighbourhoods. So yes, I have been trying.

None of the houses out there say to me, "Jane. Live here. I am your home."

So. Unless my home comes on the market this week, I will be moving into the basement at my mom's house. And putting everything I own and love into storage.


I wasn't going to do that this time.


I saw Mud tonight. If you love movies that are just plain good story-telling, then I'd recommend this. No sex, no car choices, no intergalactic battles, no fancy costumes - just a couple of 14 year old boys in Mississippi during a memorable summer. (Did you see Stand By Me years ago? This is kinda like that.)

So yeah. Go see it.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Face book chat with Clint this morning. He loves it there. Doesn't want to come home. Ever. 
2. Phone call with Max this afternoon. He's happy. And busy. 
3. Text message conversation with Drew this evening. He's finished his probation period at Langley Concrete today and got a raise. I think he makes as much as I do now. 


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raych said...

HAHAHA, 'No, everyone, I'm just sitting around thinking house thoughts, and eventually I will be teleported to my new house.'

People and their questions.