Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fire. Landslide.

I was anticipating a quiet afternoon at the lake with my staff team. We were coming up for lunch and a few hours of relaxation...

(Truth be told, I was mostly worried everyone would be bored.)

(What do I know about twenty-something-year-olds? Nothing, I tell you.)

Alot of them don't have vehicles, so we carpooled up. With me driving a borrowed mini-van. Like a mom. Taking a class of kindergarteners on a field trip.


We got here at noon and saw this.

And another, larger one, in the fan.

And a whole lot of emergency vehicles on the beach:

And I knew, that for me at least, this wasn't going to be a boring afternoon.
CBC News was there. And had been there the night before as well:

There was a fire in the hills.

Nothing like a forest fire close by to get the neighbours out. Chatted with a few of them to get caught up with the latest news. One of our neighbours died two weeks ago...  and there is a landslide occurring on the mountain above Teapot Hill:

It was pretty amazing. I watched a chuck break off and rumble down to the valley below.

Regardless of all the natural disasters happening around me, lunch needed to go on:

And today?
Was the hottest day of the year so far.
Like, it was really hot.

People chose to swim.
Fully dressed.
Which I didn't take pics of, on account of me promising those in bathing suits that I wouldn't take photos.
But here is part of the team, enjoying the sunshine:

Oh, and while I was sitting on the beach, I noticed the McB's new cabin, right on the water:

When the Creative Kids left at 3:30, I zipped upstairs and put on my bathing suit and sat in the sun for 20 minutes BEFORE IT STARTED TO CLOUD OVER.

At 6:00, Sandra and Val arrived. For supper. WITH supper.
I Am Spoilt.

We ate chicken satay and mango salad on the deck, watching the helicopter go back and forth from the beach to the fire site.

And then we went for a long walk.

And know what?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. THIS place.
2. The people who come to this place.
3. Tonight's rain. It Sounds Awesome. And smells good.


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