Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That time when I was, like, an old, wrinkled, very wise teenager ...

That time?
That time is now.


I live at my parent's place.
I come here to sleep.
I'm out every night with friends.
I have no chores.
The only room I have to keep clean is my bedroom.

I have no responsibilities outside of work.
My only expenses are related to my vehicle.

Being a teenager at 52 is incredibly awesome.


Other thoughts:

Cory Monteith's death was a kick in the gut. I was just overcome with sadness.
I emailed Max and thanked him for staying clean that day.
He said that Cory was going to NA meetings in Vancouver, his friends had seen him there.
They were all sad too.

Cory's role on Glee was the reason I kept watching after that first episode in Season 1.
And Cory was the reason I stayed to watch his band play at Richard's on Richards after The Left had finished their set last Spring.
And Cory was one of the actors I was following on Twitter.
And Cory's death just knocked the wind out of me on Saturday night.

He was a Vancouver boy with So Much Potential and such a nice smile.

Rest in peace, Cory.


I read, from start to finish, Outlander, this weekend.
Oy. I forgot how much sex was in that book.
And I forgot how much I liked that it ALL took place after they were married.

And it was hot. And respectful. And creative. And loving. And wild. And They Were Married.

Do you know how rare that is? In a book? In real life? To have amazing sex after the wedding? This needs to be a bigger thing. People should maybe be bragging about married sex instead of all the party sex or teenaged sex, or forbidden sex that's so alluring.

And then do you know what I watched on Saturday night?
Three episodes of the new HBO series, Girls.
Oh. My. Goodness.
If it is an accurate portrayal of twenty-somethings, (and I've been told by someone who is twenty-something that It Is Spot On) I am overwhelmed with sadness. Casual, meaningless, desperate, disrespectful, sex in every episode.


I did not find the show funny or entertaining. And my capacity is usually wide open. I like Game of Thrones, for example. And wasn't offended by Bridesmaids. And I spent the weekend reading Outlander.

But maybe Cory's death and Girl's was just too much after being immersed in Jamie and Claire's world for 48 hours.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Free public lectures at Regent College. Last Wednesday's was fascinating. And it helped that the speaker was from England. :) Update: Charlene's reflections of this evening accurately express how I felt about the lecture. So go read her blog. If you want. Click here.

2. Dinner and Conversation-in-my-Truck afterwards with a friend on Thursday evening. She asked me how my soul was. And when was the last time I'd gone to church. And then we sat there and prayed. She for my kids. And I for her kids.

I tell you. I lucked out in the friends department.

3. On Friday night, despite an aversion to spending time with 'couples', I accepted an invite to 'sit around a fire and sing/hang out with friends and their husbands'. So glad I went. I'm an ass about being single sometimes.

4. I am so thankful for the cabin at Cultus. I spent the weekend there, planning on coming home on Sunday afternoon. But at 9:30 pm, I was still in my bathing suit on the deck reading, so I just stayed overnight and drove to work from the lake on Monday morning.

5. And tonight?
Dinner and talk in a friend's backyard on her pool deck. Summer Evenings DO NOT get better than this.


Sometimes I feel like my life is a show, and I'm in awe of the script that's being written. Drama, comedy, tragedy, unexpected twists and turns, great cast of characters, beautiful setting,  ... I am so damn lucky.

Thank you, God.

And thank you, Jesus, for keeping an eye on my boy in Africa.
Thank you for creating Africa, by the way.
And thank you for monkeys:


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Tricia said...

Outlander-I read it a couple of summers ago when I was staying with my MIL. Loved it, but haven't read any of the other books because I really need new glasses. I watched the first couple episodes of Girls. So depressing and sad making me feel like I was in a deep dark hole with no way out. Enjoy your teenage years again :)