Monday, July 1, 2013


  • was incredibly hot. 
  • I was very unmotivated to clean out and pack up the garage.
  • But I did. For a few minutes. And then it was Just Too Much.

  • I wish I was already moved.
  • That I was sleeping at the lake.
  • And that my room at my mom's was already fixed up.
  • I read the Bible this afternoon for the first time in (probably) months. 
  • I found an old one in Drew's room, so I took it outside and randomly opened it and started reading.
  • (My mom will totally appreciate this...) It fell open to Judges 6. I started reading at verse 36. Hahaha. And I just smiled and smiled as I read those verses to the end of the chapter. Whoever says God doesn't speak loudly and clearly when we randomly open His word and let 'fate' dictate which passage we read is dead wrong I tell you. 
  • I was reminded again that He does love me.  
  • And does listen to my prayers.
  • And He is at work.
  • I sat in the sun in my backyard because it's still my backyard. 
  • And it's private.
  • And it won't be so private at my mom's or at the lake. 
  • I started reading again. 
  • It's a re-read. (Voice in the Wind, Francine Rivers)
  • But I loved it. 
  • I emptied the desk in Max's room and was transported back to the day we dropped him off at The Door. 
  • I am so thankful.
  • So. Very. Thankful.
  • I'm thinking of Clint in Africa. And am grateful for facebook. 
  • I'm praying him and am thankful for the opportunities that God keeps showering on him.
  • I miss him.
  • I was looking at photos of my ex-family. One of my kids' uncles got remarried this weekend:

(The original 4 OBros, their mom and the newest addition to the family; the bride, in green.) 

  • Drew's Danica met the O cousins for the first time this weekend. They're all growing up:

  • As I was looking at the pics, I said to Max and Drew, who were here, how strange it is to see my ex-mom-in-law with her three daughters-in-law. It's a completely new batch. Us first ones? Had single syllable names. This second batch? All have two syllable names. Max said, "Ofam Part Two, mom. The Sequel."  

Feels like a lifetime ago. 
Thankful for my 15 years as an Owife.
Thankful for the 15 years since then. All that growing and learning and changing and being reliant on God.
It's been a journey.

Three things I'm thankful for:

  1. I'm thankful for friends.

2. I'm thankful that I live in Canada.

3. I'm thankful that it's summer. 


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