Friday, September 13, 2013

36 Hours til Take Off. Lift Off? Wheels Up?

I still have to bake and frost a cake, kill the spider that is hogging the bathroom, wash another load of clothes, dry two loads of clothes, have a shower and do my hair, put together a care package for Clint, wash all the dishes I've used this evening, find my suitcase, and decide what I'm wearing to work tomorrow, (for I will also be wearing those same clothes all evening in Vancouver where I'll be celebrating a friend's birthday by eating dinner on the deck of Monk McQueen's overlooking False Creek).

It's midnight now.
I should be in bed by 2.

I have meetings all morning tomorrow.
Then I'm gonna zip out to the freeway to throw Clint's care package at Adam who'll be passing by on his way home. (Adam's heading to Nepal this weekend.) Then I'll go to the bank and get some 'merican money. And pick up something for the birthday girls.
And be back at work in time for a management meeting, a birthday cake coffee break (which is why I'm baking tonight) and to clean up my office and make lists for all the things that have to be done while I'm gone.

Someone might be sitting at my desk going through my files while I'm away.
I need to get comfortable with that idea.
And I need to clear away all evidence that I have a personal life.

(My team at work might be using the cabin while I'm gone. Someone might be sleeping in my bedroom. I had to remove all the "Jane" from my room last Saturday. It just seems so, so, intimate, no? ) (OKFINE, I'm a nutjob.)

I figure I'll get back home at midnight tomorrow.
And I'll start packing then.

I will arrive at the airport completely sleep deprived on Saturday morning and will nod off with my mouth open, snoring all the way to Mexico. Likely not going to meet my future husband on that flight.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Clint's bag was found. And everything was in it. TYG. (That's code for Thank You God.)
2. Pez candies. Not the yellow ones.
3. A blog comment I got on an old post from a new reader. Made. My. Day.


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