Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Case You're Wondering ...

This is who Clint is staying with in Nepal:

I'm excited about his stay there.

His suitcase/bag was found a few hours ago, but he's concerned that it's contents may have been removed. The contents? His video gear.

So. If you wouldn't mind saying a quick prayer for my boy? And his stuff?

Noah, (one of the twins from the video above) is going to drive him to the airport today to get things sorted out, but:

  • Clint

    They have my bag
    But get this: today is Nepal ban which means no one is allowed to drive cars
    Apparently any division of the state is allowed to call a instant ceasing of all state function
    (What it actually is, is of course martial law)
  • Jane:
    And phew. Even if you have to wait a day, at least you know where it is.
  • Will they deliver?

  • Clint:
    Noah will drive, I think. We may be told to turn around
    By police/military
    But he said chances of bag theft are high

  • Jane: Oy child. Why can't you just go to Palm Springs for your vacations?

    In the meantime, I'm sending a small parcel of clothes to Nepal with Clint's friend Adam on Friday. If you want to include a package of Nerds or a pair of socks, let me know. :)


    ALSO - in case you were wondering - Claire was cast today.
    The, THE lead character in Outlander... Twitter exploded when the announcement was made. Pandemonium on the internets.

    Have you read the books? No?

    (I was reminded tonight that I probably should be more cautious when talking about my activities. Like watching Game of Thrones, and reading books like Outlander. I don't know who reads my blog, and it could be entirely inappropriate for someone else to be reading that smut.)

    So. Warning. Jamie and Claire, the main characters in Outlander, get married and have sex. This in the book and will be in the TV series.

    But this is why I loved this whole book series and why I have been a fan of Diana Gabaldon for 21 years. Not because of the sex part but because the first book STARTS with a marriage and their 'happily ever after' takes 7 books (so far) to complete. She's been writing about Jamie and Claire since 1991; I have had a crush on them since forever.

    Anyway, for the last two decades, all I've had is my imagination as to what they look like. And now? I know:

    (In the first three books they are in their 20's. In the next four books they are in their late 40's - late 50's.) And Diana? In real life? Is 61.
    She? By the way, looks like this:

    I love how Sam and Caitriona and Diana communicate on Twitter.

        Caitriona thanks Sam for being so wonderful during the audition process. 
        Then Starz (the folks who are creating the 16 part series) tweet that Jamie Fraser is a lucky guy, 
        and Sam says, "Oh yes he is! x" 
        And then Sam sends a tweet to Caitriona and says 'Delighted xx'. 
        And Diana agrees, sending a tweet to Sam and Caitriona saying, "As well you should be, Sheugs. She's fabulous."

    • She (Diana) calls Sam 'Sheugs' and he calls her 'Gabs'. 
    And it's just a huge respectful love fest going on over there. 


    Three things I'm thankful for:

    1. It is still summer. Yes, it is.

    2. Warm evenings. At the beach.

    3. Mango, pineapple and raspberry gelato.


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